Boudoir pics coming up…maybe…

For several weeks now, I’ve been determined that if a Groupon came up for a boudoir photo shoot, I would go for it. But each day when I looked at my emails, there was never one… I figured I was off my own hook.

Which has been great. Because in the last two months I’ve gained a few pounds (due to a lack of sex exercise, lack of getting my ass into the gym, and a wee bit of stress eating and drinking), and I’m in a funk with all the shit going down, and also am presently in that lovely monthly occurring phase of feeling like I’m retaining all the water I drink and nothing fits. You ladies know of what I speak.

In other words, I’m so not feeling the sexy vibe right now.

Until last night…scrolling through the deals…there it was. 90 minute boudoir shoot, a photographer with a great portfolio, and it’s near my place. I knew I shouldn’t talk myself out of it.  So before my brain caught up with me, in a few swipes of my finger, there it was in my inbox.

I told Johnny about it. He’s happy. I mused aloud that perhaps I should do it when he’s here… he can come be my cheerleader.  Because of course there is nothing like sex to make one feel sexy.

I will be sure to tell y’all about the experience, once I’m through it.  If I’m feeling particularly bold, I might share a favorite shot or two. Maybe… Which reminds me… my I’m going to show you my tits post is still by far the most viewed post ever, and growing.

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  1. What a fun thing to do – I hope you have an excellent experience with it. Whether you post a pic or not, I can’t wait to hear about your experience!

  2. Do it! As a plus size gal I may overachieve and have more confidence and self-esteem when it comes to my professional and volunteer life but I’ve always struggled in terms of body image etc.

    Four years ago, when I started on what I now call a journey, I begrudgingly accepted that my body is my body. No matter what diet and exercise regime I follow, no matter how many soccer games I play each week etc. in middle age, there is a certain set point. My numbers are low, my doctors were happy if not a bit stymied that my bmi may be high but my blood sugars are normal, no high blood pressure, no cholesterol issues etc.
    So I started to dress differently, same type of clothing but in the “right” size. No more shirts 2 sizes too big, pretty matching bra’s & panties, cut my long hair and accepting compliments instead of saying things like “you mean for a fat girl”.

    after I met him and started to believe, I decided to do a boudoir shoot as a 50th birthday gift for dh. I looked at the two top studios here and booked appointments at both, sure I was going to back out and lose my deposit! LOL

    both were different experiences, all good and the results were eye opening. while darling husband didn’t exactly like the book I presented to him (that’s a post for another time) , he did acknowledge that it took courage to do it.

    have fun with it!

    • I think that’s wonderful you did that!! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Am curious how something like wouldn’t be appreciated… perhaps you will write about it?

  3. I’ve had a friend who did this. They enjoyed it. I didn’t get to see it. I’m not THAT good a friend. I didn’t see the post of which you spoke so I’ll have to check it out.

    I just wrote a post that was actually written thinking of a friend who was in a funk. So we can label it the Funk Post, and you can go read it and see if it helps your funk. My guess is not, but what the hell. It’s time well wasted.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes, brave soul.

  4. You should! I keep thinking I should.
    5 years ago, I hated my body. So I have no pictures of me from back then. Then I had heart surgery and gained 50 lbs. Now I hate my body (but I am getting better) and have no pictures of me. And I keep wondering if I will regret not taking pictures now when I am 5 years older.

      • I cant post it because real life people read my blog. I have one sexy pic of my boobs in a sexy girly thing on my phone, waiting for a dude to sext it to someday. I am pretty shy with my body.

        And I would welcome your all caps, poorly spelled comments!

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