Three tidbits to share this morning

I do have one more post to write about P.  I know, it’s unbelievable.  There are so many posts rattling around in my brain right now, but the extreme stress I’m under of pending life changes has made my brain a twirling mess.  When I have a bit of time I will try to get everything out.

But in the meantime, there were a few things to share today:

The Good:

I had video chat sex last night for the first time.  With Johnny, naturally.  It was pretty damn hot, but the logistics were a bit funny. I use an iPad and it was awkward to find the right angle. I know he wanted to see all of me but there was no practical way to make that happen…so he had to settle for top half (but he got to watch some pretty nice orgasms, if I do say so myself…although the iPad fell over right in the middle of one) and then got to see a bottom show to help him along to his own.  I will definitely do that again.

The Exciting:

I’m meeting a female blogger celebrity friend in a couple of weeks and couldn’t be more excited.  Thank you, Sean Smithson (buy his book!) for sending me the link to her blog so many months ago.  Now, before anyone gets too excited that our adventure will be like one of her other blogging-friends-meeting adventures, I have no local male companions that are open to me right now.  We may just have to be resolved to girl-on-girl action.  Kidding.  But I’m looking forward to the drinks and the stories.

The Funny:

Although I live in a really big city, I did think it was funny I never crossed paths with anyone I’d encountered on online dating sites.  I’ve had three run-ins in the last week and had to share.  The first was the night I went on that date that contributed to my closing my relationship with Johnny.  As we walked into the restaurant, I glanced over at a few guys hanging out on the street.  One of them was a man who had reached out to me on many occasions, even though I never responded back to him.  He was extraordinarily creepy looking online and not much better in person.  Our eyes met but I couldn’t tell if he recognized me.

I was out for dinner with a high school friend that next night (some much-needed distraction from Johnny’s date) and we ran into the oldest guy I’d ever slept with.  He did wave hello at one point but we didn’t talk.

This morning was probably the funniest.  I take public transit some mornings to get to work.  I listen to music and people watch and yeah, check out the hot guys.  Today, I locked eyes with a man who looked familiar.  Really familiar.  It took a minute and then I realized he was someone I’d chatted with on an online dating site.  I guess it shows how many people I’ve talked to over the last many months, because I couldn’t immediately remember his name or whether we had actually engaged with each other.

As I got to my office I just had to look.  So I unhid my profile on the last dating site to find him…and laughed out loud.  He was someone who started off with the “I want a relationship” talk but as soon as we took it to text it was all about sex… I got cock shots right away, and he wanted to know whether I could meet him RIGHT THEN, etcetera.  I thought perhaps he’d be good for some shallow sex… but then he disappeared after we’d set a time to meet.

I wonder if he recognized me.  He definitely saw me.  It makes me giggle even now.  I wish I would have known it was him so I could have said something loud and really uncomfortable.


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    • Ha. Did you read the post on him? He was in better shape than many 40 year olds I’ve been with. He has obviously lost his mind though, because he forgot to call me again 🙂

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