The most misspelt word in online dating

I like grammar and good spelling.  I also break the rules from time to time, but that’s my prerogative because I know when I’m doing so.  I haven’t had online dating profiles up for a while, but I got a text message a couple of days ago that reminded me of this pet peeve.

Guys (and ladies too, no doubt):

It’s spelled PIQUED.

I didn’t “peek” your interest.  My photos didn’t “peak” your curiosity.  It’s PIQUE.  From Latin, and French.

Now, I am not the spelling nazi of the online dating world. I understand that smartphones and correct spelling don’t mix, and I’ve sent my share of your instead of you’re.  I sometimes correct myself, but generally the people I’m speaking with know that I know the difference.  So this is not about writing some poor guy off because he misspells one word in an opening message.  In this case, I saw it time and time again when I was dating online.

Coup is the same.  I had someone tell me it would be a “coo” if I agreed to go on a date with them. Darn french words.

Consider this your 30-second online dating community service for the day.  Your You’re welcome.

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  1. My interest was certainly peaked…then it faded…

    As I thought about what you said, you are right on the money.

    Just as it drives me nuts when I hear people say, irregardless. Which is not a word, it is just regardless.

    One other thing, I can recall from the grammar police. Things are good and people are well.

          • I just finished reading Johnny’s post. I appreciate that you guys are putting this out here for people to see. As you know, my feelings are similar to yours. It’s good to see the other side’s point of view, too 🙂

            I hope you guys can work this out. It is so refreshing to see that people still communicate with each other in relationships. I was starting to wonder…

          • Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

            Yeah, from the very beginning we knew it would different keeping no real secrets from one another. From my perspective, now isn’t the time to go quiet. I was used to being with someone who didn’t really say what they meant, and it was a huge source of conflict. Since I can understand better Johnny’s point of view, and he mine, we can actually have a dialogue about it…instead of just being resentful of each other. For me, that build up of resentment destroyed my marriage and I will do *anything* to not make the same mistake twice.

          • Amen, Sister!
            That’s how my marriage is. We can’t talk about anything that might “make waves”. So much pressure builds, we have a fight and then everything goes back to the same as it was before *sigh*

  2. Spelling and grammatical errors run amuck these days — or is it that people run amuck with spelling and grammatical errors? Irregardless ;), you get what I mean.

    Here’s a good tip if a person is serious about finding a long-term relationship and not just a hookup: plug your profile details into Word and let it do the work for you.

  3. YES! Another kindred spirit when it comes to online personals. I cruise, but don’t use, those sites or services, but I am appalled at the mangling of the English language. The posts with poor spelling and/or grammar turn me right off. Wish more people would pay attention to first impressions, and purity of language online is one of them. Those mistakes don’t peak my interest. 😉

    • I have way more patience for text messaging because of auto correct and other stupidity. But people’s profiles? No reason to not use a spell / grammar check or have a friend read it in advance. For me it just represents lack of attention to detail and care in one’s first impression. Both of which are important to me.

    • I like that…and will have to think about whether I use any words I can’t spell. I know for the longest time I had to think about how to spell “infinite”… for example…

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