Meeting the Model. Tomorrow.

In the fall, I wrote some posts about a guy I met online but who lived in another city. I dubbed him “the Model” because he used to be one. He had sent me some black and white photos from that time which were extraordinarily sexy.

Ironically he seemed too far away. Ironic because he’s a 1.5 hour flight away, versus the 10 hours for Johnny. But even with that relatively short distance, we never found a time to meet in person. I offered up weekends and he couldn’t commit for one reason or another. I got tired of continuing a conversation when there was really no hope of meeting. We had good conversations online and on the phone, but it seemed pointless. At the time, I saw no reason to continue with someone unavailable and far away.

Despite my taking him out of rotation, for several months now, every once in a while if we saw each other online on the chatting app we used, we’d say hi and update each other on life. I guess we became friends of a sort.

Well, it turns out that I’m going to be in his city tomorrow for work. I have to be there overnight and then am in another city on Monday night and Tuesday. The glamorous world of business travel. We are going to try to meet for a coffee. It’s funny how life works. I’m curious of course what he will be like in person. I have no interest in engaging in anything physical with him and he’s not either, as far as I know.

So why even mention it? Because he’s the third man I know who has a story about finding out he has a child, after the fact. In his case, an old flame who he continued to see off and on is seven months pregnant with his child. She’s decided to have the child. He let her move into his apartment but now she decided she doesn’t want to live with him or have any kind of relationship with him. But she refuses to move out. So out he goes. He has to fight her in court to get visitation for his child.

What the fuck happens that women do this? My faraway lover found out he had a child (from a one night stand) when she was 12 years old. The mother never told him until her boyfriend moved out and she needed money. Jason’s old girlfriend asked if he was free one night and she popped by. With his 6 month old he knew nothing about.

These guys are all trying to do the right thing for their children. I know I only have their side of the story, but it’s just crazy to me.

Either way, it will be interesting to meet this guy. I’m curious about his story and how all this came to be. I’m lucky to have never been in a position like this, that’s for sure. And sorry if this maybe isn’t my most scintillating of posts, but writing this keeps my mind off the fact that as I type, Johnny is on a date, and it’s killing me.

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  1. I hope the meeting will turn out great and all that you dreamt it to be. We all have our heartbreaks and it helps to have a community that listens and understands generously.

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