I want my books. He wants sex.

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You may recall from my last post about him that he borrowed some books and I would really like to get them back. I got some good advice from comments and friends and decided to put the plan in action yesterday morning.

So I sent him the following text: Hi [Giant]. It’s Ann. [My son] was playing with his trebuchet last night and it reminded me of you. I’m wondering how your knee recovery went and the job search has been. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

Now, I deliberately tried to not make it seem romantic, hence mentioning my son. I also wanted to be nice and not ask about my books right away. So all in all, I figured it was a decent opening. He waited 25 hours before responding…and it was a little surprising to me:


I’m not sure if my response was perfect since I didn’t want to encourage him further, so tried to take it back to the health question. Β I did note he ignored the job question. Β I haven’t responded back to the latest one… is it possible I can ignore the comment and just say “oh, yes, and about those books…”

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  1. I’m sorry babe, but you kind of set yourself up for that. It was a very polite, perfectly reasonable message… but you basically emailed an ex and said “I’ve been thinking about you.” He’s a dude, if you give him an inch he’s going to try and take a mile.

    Men and women communicate in totally different ways. If it was a woman, then you do the polite little dance and work the books smoothly into the conversation. With a guy, you send a message that is straight to the point and impossible to misinterpret, “Hey dude, can I get my books back sometimes soon?” And he’ll probably write back a yes or a no. Simple, straight forward, no wiggle room.

    If you write a polite, ambiguous message to a guy… Well, you’ve seen the results. πŸ˜‰

    • I totally agree with Johnny on this one. Unless there is a specific question in there, we’re already planning where we’re going to have sex after receiving a message like that.

    • I agree with Johnny here. Just ask him straigt forward like. Unlike Johnny I don’t think only men like people to be straight forward with them. Sometimes straight forward is really just the best aproach. Even if it were a woman you are talking to.

    • Yes, I feel like a bit of a moron at this point. But even if I inadvertantly opened the door, wouldn’t it be polite to even send one text first that didn’t go right to the sex?

      • He’s a guy, when you said that you thought of him… his first thought of you is probably going to be sexual. He replied in a very direct, unmistakable way to what he saw as an invitation. The message seems over eager to you because your motivations were entirely different than his interpretation… but if you break down his message it didn’t start sexual. That one message was his whole train of thought, basically “Hi, hope you’re good, let’s have sex πŸ˜‰ lol” And he even ended the message with a kind of escape hatch for if he pissed you off, the wink and the lol. Then you lol’d back and made a comment about how that must mean his knee is better… I know what you were going for, kind of changing the subject, but he saw that as acceptance of his original sexual advances because you didn’t outright reject them.

  2. Err at this point I’d be saying:

    “hahahahahahaha about that, yeah no. But I’d love my books back so why don’t I meet you @ ‘insert random cafe’ where I’ll grab them off you πŸ™‚ Cheers! Ps. Nice to know your knee is better. ”

    And the Ps only because I forget how much of a bitch I can be when a guy is pushing themselves on me.

  3. I’m such a chicken… I’d lie. I’d make up some sorta “Doctors orders… no sex for two months… but while busy ‘not getting busy’ I’d love to reread some of my books. I’d like to meet by the end of next week to get them back. So does tomorrow work for you?” (giving a deadline will work wonders)

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