Turning a speeding ticket into a kiss | Part 2

Part 1

We texted a bit about what brought me to town. I told him I debated whether to leave him that message and worried he’d think I was a crazy person. He said “Well I don’t think you are crazy at all. You are pretty cool doing that and I have to say right when I heard your message I remembered you instantly!”

I took that as a good sign, so I said:

  • I was hoping you would! In the moment I thought if I said something flirty you’d think I was just trying to get out of the ticket.
  • Him: Yeah, I would have thought that. What are your plans today? I think I may have lost your ticket; you should give me your copy so I can destroy it too then.

Oh my goodness. He’s asking to meet, basically. He knows I have a kid. What the fuck do I do? Back to the “only live once” philosophy. I didn’t think anything would really come of my message. But, it did. I explained we had afternoon and dinner plans but were free in the morning. Before I knew it he was offering to come by and say hi. We joked about it being a bit weird – that I didn’t want to seem too forward (yeah, try not to fall off your chair laughing with that one) or him too creepy. He was a fucking cop for crying out loud. On duty, which meant he’d be in uniform.

So, we agreed that he’d come to the hotel restaurant and we’d chat over breakfast. Now, how to explain to my son what’s going on in a way that won’t freak him out and limits the grief I will go through when it gets reported back to my ex? I told him that Officer Brad was coming to say hi to us during breakfast. Not because I was in trouble but because I had called him and given him a nice compliment and he wanted to say thank you in return. Just a minor white lie in my books, but one based in truth.

I still didn’t really think much of it. I figured his curiosity was piqued and that was about it.

I see the police cruiser pull up outside the hotel. Of course he doesn’t park in a spot. In he comes. He’s as cute as I remembered and is about my height. I offer him a coffee; after all, he’s saving me a lot of money. He declines – doesn’t drink coffee. Just water. And yes, he’s a cop that doesn’t drink coffee. I joked about it and the conversation got off to a fun start.

We talk for two hours. At first, my son and he engage a little bit. I still have no idea if he’s married or has kids or anything like that. Or if he’s just trying to figure out if I’m a psycho. My son asks him how he catches bad guys and what’s on his belt (which is a lot, actually). He’s wearing a Kevlar bullet proof vest. I can’t resist and ask if I can knock on his chest. He lets me. Shows me the stuff on his belt, which I tease him about.

Turns out, he’s divorced with three young boys. They love the movie “Frozen”. He’s funny and smart and a good conversationalist. He’s easy to talk to. His eyes are a lovely shade of blue. He nervously admits to googling me, and the phone number I called from (the Hotel), before texting me. I’m not particularly google-able except for my work profile on LinkedIn, and I have a mostly-unused Twitter account. But combined with knowing my address and birthdate and middle name (all from my driver’s license – sigh) he does know a lot more about me than I about him. I told him I would have done the same thing in his situation – who knows what crazy broads are out there.

It’s amusing to watch how people to him as we are chatting. People all do a double take to see who he’s with. Almost everyone nods or says hello.

After my son finishes eating, I set him up with my iPad and one of his favourite shows. Brad and I keep talking. We joke a bit about my reaching out – I tell him that one of my resolutions is to be more bold and not live with any regrets. I knew that if I didn’t leave that message, I would wonder what would have happened. So the blue-eyed, handsome, smart cop in front of me was my reinforcement that bold is good for me.

He admitted to thinking I was beautiful. Told me a few times actually. He couldn’t stop staring, and apologized for doing so. I told him to please not worry about it…it was flattering and I liked it. He touched my arm a few times. Later touched my leg. I know enough about body language that I knew he liked me. Thankfully he was having a slow work day. He told me he didn’t want to leave. That he wouldn’t have to if for the fact he had to drop off a warrant at the courthouse.

I offered up that I was free after my son went to bed – and before I knew what I was saying said “I’m in a suite and there’s a couch”. Whoops. Now, I will confess that I had been thinking about what he would feel like. But I really didn’t mean to pull out all the flirting stops. I went about 50 shades of scarlet and we had a good laugh about it. But did decide to meet up for a drink later. Then he asked if he could kiss me. Given the layout of where we were sitting, my son couldn’t see. I said yes. It was soft and tentative and lingering and made my insides turn to jelly. He kissed me again, pausing just to open his mouth a little.  I think I may have moaned.

His hand was now holding mine.

But that’s all that ever happened.

He went on his way and my son and I had the adventures we had planned. I thought about that kiss for the rest of the day. I had touched his forearm and bicep when he kissed me – both which were rock solid – and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that I really wanted to know what those arms felt like wrapped around me.

During dinner with a family member, I got the following text:

Hey gorgeous. I don’t think I will come by. I just know I will fall for you more already having seen you once. We live in different cities and I’m not the type to just do a one time thing. Sorry this sounds sappy and lame. I hate to disappoint you :'(

Fuck yeah, I was disappointed. I was looking forward to – at the very least – a good makeout session. Perhaps a great fucking…although it did occur to me that regardless of being in a suite, my son was sleeping in one of the beds in the other room. I decided to just figure that one out as I went along.

I tried to get him to change his mind but he was irritatingly self-controlled.  My gut tells me he probably had a girlfriend.  But who knows…he had every right to just say “no”.

While that’s pretty much all there is to say, I couldn’t resist including a few of the lines from him that followed.  I guess I left an impression.

  • I’m still taken aback by seeing you 🙂
  • Another time or life I think we would be amazing together. Damn living apart. You are a wonderful person; the whole package.
  • How have I known you only a day and you drive me crazy 😉
  • I like the adventurous Ann, the cajoling Ann, and the naughty Ann…I just know that you have already left an imprint on me and if I came over it would get huge and I would seriously long for you and I guess I am trying to avoid the hurt….Wow sappy as I get older.

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