Please stop beating around my bush

For all of the quick acceleration of dating today – going from “hello” to “let’s meet and hopefully have sex” in a matter of days, if not hours – I have encountered several men online who just can’t get around to asking me out on a date.

The conversations start as all others do – but for some reason they just become endless “how was your day” and “what are you doing now”?   Which gets dreadfully boring after about 5 minutes.  These are guys who have reached out to me, in case you are wondering.  They aren’t just humoring me.

I’m fully accepting of guys who want to ask more questions and get to know me better online before we move to a phone conversation or a date.  But these guys are different.  They don’t ask me anything, after a while.  It’s dreadful. I hate to just go silent…but come on…what do you do when you’re bored stiff and you’ve dropped hints about going out on a date?

One guy I just stopped responding to after I saw that we had exchanged 90 texts on the dating site we were on. I felt like such a bitch.  But seriously.  Grow a pair.  Or at least be interesting enough to talk about music, travel, food, or something!!  Admittedly I would tire of that after a few days as well, but it’s better than nothing.

I was going to write a whole post on this but have realized that the text exchanges are so boring there is nothing to tell.

So that makes me think of few guys where we both tried to meet but it never seemed to happen. One guy who I haven’t written about, happens to be a train conductor.  No joke.  We met on that naughty site I was on in the late summer.  His schedule is a disaster and apparently he never knows until a couple days in advance where he needs to work and when.  So it’s not conducive to dating someone who needs to plan ahead of time.

This guy still texts me on Whatsapp every once in a while.  We’ve NEVER met.  Hadn’t heard from him for probably three months when out of the blue – the night I met Matthew (who is actually Johnny Id, for those of you who haven’t discovered this yet) – he sent me a text message.  Matthew Johnny and I joked that the guys must have felt a disturbance in the force – because I heard from several out of the blue that night.  Including P (Shenanigans) – I shit you not.

Anyway…the train conductor and I had probably one of the funniest text exchanges about sex I’ve ever had.  It turns out, he has a fetish – he likes to watch women pee.  I told him I’ve never done that and can’t really imagine that I would like it.  In response to his question about whether I liked anything kinky, I told him that I like being restrained…and then there was this (don’t mock the number of lol’s):


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  1. OMG – you are so damn right!! That’s why you have to have ten going at once because only one or two might actually turn into a date. This is how a majority of conversations go…the classic “Good morning beautiful” bullshit, but nothing more. I’m on the same page as you – DELETE. I mean how direct do you need to be?? I gave you my phone number so obviously I’m interested.

    • Lol glad I’m not the only one who gets irritated at the “good morning beautiful”…when it’s ALL THEY SAY. There are only so many conversational hints, or suggestions about when I’m around… And I hear Twindaddy when he says it’s about self-esteem. But for me, a guy with low self-esteem is not going to work out anyway. So best not to waste either of our time.

  2. Oh man, the disturbance in the force. I swear men do that!

    And yeah, fuck that endless emails back and forth crap. Take me out or leave me the hell alone.

  3. By some convoluted, round about way (yes, yes… I realize they’re kinda the same thing. But it was very convoluted. Trust me) I came across this post today. And I can’t help but laugh. Both out loud and in a sinister kind of way. I would guess, after the last ten days that this is close to the color of… well… your bush.

    How long until that smile gets wiped off your face?

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