Sometimes life does give you a sign | Or: When I ate a heart shaped onion ring

My ex and I decided to split on a Friday night.  Throughout that weekend, we wrote our separation agreement over a couple bottles of wine, with tears and laughs.  We agreed on a one-time financial settlement, who would move out (me), how we would handle expenses for our son, the whole thing.

The Monday, we both went to work and he made some edits and we agreed to sit over lunch to review and sign it.

We went to a nearby burger chain.  I had onion rings.  I pull one out and it’s – literally – the shape of a heart.  Not kind-of-a-heart-if-you-look-a-certain-way, but an actual heart shape.

We took it as a sign that we were doing the right thing.  Then I ate it.


(Note: The one in the picture is not mine…I posted mine on facebook so don’t want to repeat it here, for privacy reasons!!)

23 thoughts on “Sometimes life does give you a sign | Or: When I ate a heart shaped onion ring

  1. First of all, I’m so impressed with you both. I’ve often wondered why more people can’t accept that sometimes endings are the right thing, and they can still be good chapters in the book of life. Also, I believe completely in signs like that. If I did have a religion, it’d be one of onion rings and found notes.

    • Thank you so much Jennie! I do find our attitude rare amongst our friends in similar situations. Neither of us got bogged down in anger and blame. Not to suggest there are things that don’t piss me off…but that would be the case regardless of if we were still together!

      That sounds like an awesome religion by the way. Sign me up!

  2. I wonder…when you inevitably got gas later did you think it was from the onion ring or was it the sign having its revenge for being eaten?

  3. Thanks so much, Jennie. I am still surprised that so many people don’t accept what has happened. It’s so critical to moving forward. They are consumed by bitterness. Neither my ex nor I are focused on anger and blame. Of course there are things that made (and make) me angry…but that would be the same even if we were still together.

    I would sign up for that religion…I love a good onion ring!

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