Sleeping in separate beds

Yeah, I’m being deliberately provocative here. The room Matthew and I are in has a gigantic king bed that’s made up of two bigger-than-twin size beds. This morning we woke up on separate sides. Notable only because it’s different from how we’ve been sleeping…which is in each other’s arms. I rarely can stay sleeping wrapped up against someone. I can with him.

I’m only going to take a minute to write because he’s patiently (I think) waiting for me on the bed, writing his own stuff. I wouldn’t want him to think I need a break. Which, to be clear, I don’t.

He’s asked me a couple of times what I will write about him. But has made it very clear he doesn’t want to be any less forthright than I would with anyone else. As you all know (I hope), I’m always very honest with what I write and I don’t hold back.

The difference, of course, is that he reads this blog. Yes, he does. Hi, Matthew.

He is great. Better in 3D. No pictures did his eyes, or his body, justice. He is easy to be around. Passionate. Just simply great. There is no irritation, no annoying habit, no desire for time alone. Which is saying A LOT. It’s been great to fall asleep and wake up in his arms. To stay in bed most of the day, nap together, wander down the street for dinner, and luxuriate in each other’s presence. It’s easy.

And for those of you who might desire a more titilating update: yes, it’s been a passionate 30 or so hours. We’ve had sex many times already. My body is sore in that delicious way. He’s attentive, strong, a great kisser, and really does have the best ass ever.

I may write more this weekend, or I might not. Sorry to abandon you for even a short period of time, but this handsome passionate dude 15 feet away just shouldn’t be ignored.

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    • Well if so, he’s been able to sustain good behavior over quite a long period of time…if we include all the phone calls and emails prior. We have joked about it, of course. I do think what I’m seeing is what I’d get. But yeah, another 24 hours and we’ll know for sure πŸ™‚

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