Secret Photos

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0 thoughts on “Secret Photos

  1. Hey Ann, are you talking about Nephila? She seems to be waging a one-person war against extramarital sex. She’s now found my blog, too. So far, nothing that I’ve had to block or remove and, like you, I enjoy friendly discourse.

    • It may sound stupid but I’d rather not say who it was. I have no interest in becoming a target of more BS. But it is someone who others have had negative experiences with. Glad it hasn’t gotten too nasty for you!

  2. Ann, I think I have similar photos somewhere… so glad that you’re reliving places and people.

    I’m sorry you seem to have attracted a nut job. Unfortunately they seem to be all over the place lately. I had to block someone on mine too.

    Keep writing, love your work as always.

  3. On your update, I didn’t see the offending comment, but there’s always one guy who feels he’s just got to piss on everybody elses parade. Why it’s gotta be like that? Who TF knows.
    Cheers! 🙂

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