P's Shenanigans | Or why I kept seeing a jerk (Volume 1)

It didn’t start badly.  It was a pretty normal start to an online dating relationship (which yes, means a “normal” level of BS, weirdness, and all that).

He reached out in early December – it was simple – “Hey, I liked your profile and think we have a lot in common.  How are you doing?”.  He was 30, a decade younger than I, and given some of the experienced I’ve already documented, I was quite reluctant to have another go at a young guy.  His profile wasn’t notable in any way.  Seemed rather chill, if not a bit boring (watching sports and reading the paper in his spare time – whoooo).  But he had a nice look and was 6’5″…which was appealing.  He was also articulate and smart. And, to be honest, he was interested in me; which given some of my prior experiences, was great in and of itself.

After some chatting back and forth for a while, we traded mobile numbers and advanced to text messaging.  We agreed to meet for a drink at a pub near my place.  His photos didn’t do his face justice…he was (is!) very handsome.  As tall as stated.  But although he isn’t a big buff dude, he was in shape and thick (not discussing that part, yet).  Solid dude.  His age became less of an issue for me as I learned that he ran his own business, had an MBA, and owned a house (part of which he rented out).  In other words, he seemed like he’d come a ways and this was appealing.

It was a good first date. He had a kind of awkwardness about him; like he wasn’t quite sure where to move and how. He met me on the street in front of the pub and it was an interesting combination of being physically overwhelming and awkward. But he was appealing to me. He had this intense way of looking at me – he was yummy.

I invited him back to my place for a drink. At this point in time, I no longer remember the specific course of events…but as I am want to do, I ended up with a dude in my bed. His style wasn’t overly aggressive – he was slightly awkward and would pause before doing something new with me. But he was hot. And he had a great cock. Long and thick. He loved to fuck. He had great stamina. I fucked him on my couch…rode him so hard my couch bounced on the floor. My poor downstairs neighbors.

Perhaps best of all, he was completely astounded by MY stamina. He wanted lots of encouragement – in the form of “oh Ann do you like to ride P’s big cock”…etc…. Of course I gave it to him. He was a good ride. And he fucked me like a champ.

Never for a moment did I think there was any real relationship material with him. Definitely a great lay. Definitely some fun to be had. He told me he wanted to date, and while he wasn’t ready for something serious, he was open to more. Later that week he even told me while he had been chatting with someone else as well, he wanted to see “where things go” with me.

Little did I know how important it was to define one’s terms.

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  1. The photo you chose here reminds me of my brother. He calls himself an asshole as a matter of fact and says there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re real about it.

    “If you’re gonna be a dick, you might as well own it. I own it.” he says.. 😉

  2. Yeah, terms are important.
    By the way, “I fucked him on my couch…rode him so hard my couch bounced on the floor.”,

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