Owning donkey sex on the web | I'm so proud

I like looking at the search terms that get people to my blog. I’m now seeing some real themes and just had to share.

Donkey Fucking

The first time I wrote about the donkey sex search term, I had no such content on my blog.  But be warned, fellow bloggers…once you blog about it, it becomes a result for those who search for it!

So now, I have “made it” to Google’s FIRST PAGE when you search “my horny donkey”.  Wow.  I’m a bit speechless.  If you searched for this term and you came to my blog and are now a reader, welcome.  I like porn too.  Not so sure about porn with animals, though, sorry.

Now, these other terms also work, apparently: “donkey sex with slut”, “horny donkey pictures”, and “im so horney i got fucked by a donkey”.  Yes, I know what’s going to happen now that I’ve posted this.  But really, who knew it was a thing! (Actually there is way more content online about sex with donkeys than there should be).

Slut Moms

I use “Slut Mom” as a tag sometimes, when it feels appropriate.  But I didn’t really think about the kind of thing people are looking for when they search for that term online.  Probably not my stories.  Unless I included pictures or video (post coming on that, by the way!).

So go ahead and search “slut mom blogs” on Google.   I’m so proud to be on page one along with the amazing blogger Samara (who blogged about her search term “slut mom blog” and yeah it becomes a vicious circle.  Again, I’m so glad people are finding me based on my quality writing.  I gotta own that one though…I’m the one that tagged those posts.  Perhaps I will keep doing it just to see what happens.

It’s a recurrent theme of my search terms…slut mom, slut mom stories, slut mom blog, slutty mom blog, slutty exective mom stories (yay that’s me!), even st. ann sluts (yeah, I dunno either).


Okay, this one is less fun and a disturbing new trend.  Not quite sure how these people got to my blog from here…but here they are:

  • my whore mom stories
  • made my mom my slut
  • son fuck mom when ironing stories (okay, I searched this one and ended up watching a very bad porno)
  • cry mom fuck
  • my son try to fuck me

But, not all is bad…a few made me laugh out loud, and I will conclude with them:

  • males doing housework naked (oh, I know I’d get a lot more site traffic if I actually posted those NIM photos)
  • dating profile examples for sluts (does this mean there is demand for this? I know a few other bloggers who I could join forces with and get a real help site going)

Until next time!

0 thoughts on “Owning donkey sex on the web | I'm so proud

  1. Yay! We can be “slut moms” together!
    I never even tagged anything with that. I wrote a post about a blogger’s first amendment right to use the words “slut” or “whore” if she wanted to.
    Unfortunately, because I titled the post using the words “slut” and “mom,” that became IT for me.

    Donkey sex? lol
    Thanks for the shout out. Right back at ya!

    • Thanks!! Happy to join any “slut mom” teams. Or cabals. Or whatever we’d be called as a group. A “murder”, like crows?

      You are most welcome! I love reading your work.

  2. I love it when everyone startled, uses a long slow DR. Phil, “Whaaaaaaaaa-t were youuuuuuuuuuuu- think- en??

    AKA: “You want me, to do what, with my what, in the where? & Do What Again?”


  3. Hi Anne.

    😀 and it’s true! I just had to try, when you google my horny donkey there you are …….amazing!

    Talking of Amazing I saw this video of a woman laying on her back being fucked by a horse standing over her!!!! Straight up and she’d fitted it inside. However as a warning (btw before you think wtf) it was on Google but I guess illegal :/ anyways horse porn doesn’t float my boat!

    • Thankfully other searches have taken over the Donkey ones… like cumming on the face, sex blogs wordpress, swingers club / blog / first time and the like. WAY better than anything to do with animals. Ugh.

      • 😀 I totally agree there’s NO place for animal degradation on the net when maybe children innocently play with words in engines.

        (Mind you could have sworn it had a smile on its face!)

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  5. Hi ann, I’ve just written and published a post I hope you’ll read and I’m quite happy 🙂 to remove if you’d prefer.

    I thought I’d ask because your writing got me thinking about Googling oneself, well read the post and all is explained. Andrew

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