The lazy person's guide to Matthew & our story

So, by now you know there is a great guy in my life I call Matthew, who lives very far away and we met because he sent me an unsolicited email about one of my posts.  While we captivate each other, he’s smart enough to not want me kept captive.  A special man he is, indeed.

He’s also a blogger, as some of you already know.  If you’ve been reading closely, you know he is Johnny Id, whose blog is Id’s Red Book.  I don’t want to be one of those nauseating blogger couples who just ego boosts all over the place.  But I liked his writing and he made me laugh before I knew he was hot.  So govern yourself accordingly, but I’d encourage you to go check him out and see what you think.

If you don’t know about Matthew / Johnny, you can get up to speed here:

Johnny has been writing about me since shortly after we met, so the real purpose of this post is to share his posts with you.  It’s not meant to be self-promotion (but yeah, he does think I’m awesome, so sharing my awesomeness with others is kinda fun).  He has a different perspective and if you are interested in our story, I think reading what he has written rounds it out nicely.

His first post was about meeting me – and he didn’t use a pseudonym:  Can Men & Women be Friends Online?

Of course I have a special spot in my heart for that post…he said I was hot and a hell of a blogger.  What’s not to love?

Then we realized we liked each other, and were worried about using each other’s names in our posts.  So he created “Julie” and I created “Matthew”.  It was funny to read about “Julie” knowing she was me.  In order, here’s what he wrote about me:

  1. Phone Sex (We escalated to phone sex and it was HOT…as is his description of my orgasm)
  2. Long Distance Friends With Benefits (Where he articulates thoughts on what to do about our “relationship”)
  3. A Funny Conversation (just that…one of our text exchanges, about porn)
  4. Julie Fucks Me (I fuck the shit out of him via text message…this one has a bonus cartoon)
  5. Julie Update (Where he basically says how much he likes me and it might ruin his reputation)

During our vacation together, we decided it would be okay to “out” each other on our blogs.  If you haven’t read them yet, here is his version of our story:

  1. Ann pt 1
  2. Ann pt 2
  3. Ann pt 3
  4. Ann pt 4
  5. The Letters We Left Behind

We are seeing each other again in August and I can’t wait.  Of course we’ll continue to write about our adventures and how we are navigating our long-term relationship.  If you enjoy reading it even a fraction of how much I enjoy experiencing it, then you will be very pleased indeed.

And now if you will permit me one shameless plug…his post called Awesome Epic Theory of Adult Maturity is my favorite… try the math out on someone you are dating. It TOTALLY works.  Also explains why he and I are pretty well matched, but P / Shenanigans and I are not.  There’s only a 2-year age different between them yet they are worlds apart.


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