The sexiest thing I've received

So. I’ve met someone. A new someone, yes…. and it makes me think of the sappy saying about one door closing and another opening. I’m captivated even though we haven’t met….and won’t for a long time, if at all.  He’s a long way away.  It’s a bit complicated.  More stories to come, I promise.

Due to an incredibly strong mental connection, things have accelerated quickly, as much as they can from a distance. He’s seen some of my body parts via pictures. We’ve had great phone conversations and dabbled in some naughty discussions.

He sent me the positively most sexy thing I’ve ever received.  I had shared one of my Dropbox folders with him so I could send him some pictures…and in response one day I received a strip tease “flip book” of pictures of him.  Starting with him, fully dressed, and concluding with a cum shot.

I have never received anything like it.  There is a pic of each button on his shirt being undone, him exposing his chest, undoing his pants, putting his hand into his boxers, and then his hand on his cock, stroking.  It was so hot I was instantly wet, my heart rate increased, breathing rapid.  I couldn’t concentrate.  I looked at it several times in a row.  Kept going back to it…but I can’t look unless I know I can spend a bit of time getting some relief from the desire that builds from it.

Some women say they don’t like cock shots, don’t like the naked mirror selfies.  I love them.  Okay, the only caveat is on an online dating profile, if that’s all you have then I’m a bit suspicious.  But I love it when a man has taken the time to take a photo just for me…a reaction shot to something I have sent…or in this case, taken the time to create an entire series of photos.  Smokin’ hot.

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  1. I received a video once. That was kind of sexy.

    I have a theory. And I’m not kidding about this. This is, after all, the internet and I have a theory that this blog is a work of fiction. Not only that, I think there’s a chance you might actually be a dude.

      • Did that really hurt you? I’m so sorry. That wasn’t my intent at all. Please accept my apologies.

        My past is littered with sexually repressed women and coming across someone like you is so extraordinary and so rare, that it boarders on the unbelievable.

    • What a horrible thing to write about a fellow blogger?

      I have a theory. And I’m not kidding about this. This is, after all, the internet and I have a theory that you are actually a 12 year old boy playing with your parents computer late at night when they are asleep. In between searching for free porn sites and google images for “boobs” you go on wordpress and insult the female bloggers.

      But that’s just my “theory”, so you shouldn’t find that insulting at all.

      When someone puts down deeply personal stories, really lays everything bare, sharing experiences with the rest of us, the least you can do is give them some credibility. And if you don’t believe the stories they tell? Stop following the blog. Don’t leave disparaging comments, it’s just childish.

      • Honest to God, I had no malice in my heart. I didn’t mean for it to be disparaging. It’s just a very stupid thing I blurted out. I wish I could take it back but you can’t un-ring a bell once it’s been rung. All I can do is offer my apologies and hope I’m forgiven.

        As penance, I will, per your suggestion, stop following. Au revoir.

        • I am exactly who I say I am and nothing here is embellished. I’ve enjoyed your comments to date…but if you feel you can’t keep reading because you don’t believe me, that’s your choice.

  2. Ummm this is highly exciting…and he is obviously creative! wowza…I bet SOMEONE’s uber curious to see what he’ll come up with once actually IN the bedroom 😉 hahaha

  3. That sounds amazingly sexy. I am seeing a guy that will text me a few words and it is somehow the hottest thing I have ever read. I cant explain it.

    • What’s different for me is I haven’t met him yet…usually for me the huge turn-on is after you know what someone is like physically…because then it instantly brings back memories.

      What does he say to you that does it for you?

      • Maybe it is that I like him as a person and that he is the most physically incredible looking person I have ever been with.
        And he calls me ma’am while he is sexting me, which is so weirdly hot.

        He will say something about wishing he could feel my hands on his body. Or just that he wants me. But it just makes me lose track of whatever I am doing.

        • Oh yes, when there is respect as well, it’s super hot. Completely get it! I’ve learned to not open my phone when I’m in meetings…it’s happened to me that I lose all focus too!

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