Stop the presses…I met her not.

Since a few of you have asked (and BTW it is so lovely to have people out there who care)…

After all that mental preparation…I show up to my son’s school last night and my ex casually says “oh yeah, we have to find another time. Colleen couldn’t come tonight, she has to work”.

Not known for his planning, part of me is convinced he never asked her and just assumed it would all work out.

Oh well.  He is blasè about the whole thing.  I am disappointed because I felt ready.

But of course after sitting through music and dance performances of children ages 4 to 10 (and feeling sooooo sorry for my parents in the process, since I was in theatre and choirs growing up, which meant they had a LOT of performances to attend), I felt a lot better.  It will happen when it happens.  And I will be the epitome of grace and class.

So…the wait is extended.  Sorry folks.

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