Sex wisdom from 1956

My aunt’s house is a bit of a time warp…it’s comforting and timeless.  Nothing changes that much here.  Tonight as I was putting my son to bed, under the same covers I used as a child, I perused the bookshelf in the room.  Found some fantastic books to read,  including:

Success in Marriage, David R. Mace, 1958 (a first edition, no less!)

Secrets for Building a Happy home, B. Charles Hostetter, 1954

Facts of Life and Love for Teenagers, Evelyn Millis Duvall, 1956

How to Select, Cut, and Season Good Firewood, oh, whoops.  That one just caught my eye due to the hilarious front cover:

photo 2

It’s by John Vivian, the author of Wood Heat, which, since I’m feeling a bit randy at this particular moment, made me think dirty thoughts. Sorry.

Okay, back to the advice.  I’m currently under some wonderful floral blankets, in the room I’ve slept in since I was a child, which is now outfitted with my (deceased) grandmother’s bedroom set.  Yup, horny and sleeping in grandma’s bed.  I decided perhaps the book for teens might have some advice for me, and I found this:

Sex is a part of life. It can be fine and full and very beautiful. It can be painful, restricting, and shameful. Like every other source of power, it must be harnessed or it runs wild and becomes destructive. Electricity wired into your home will light your house, cook your meals, warm your feet, and perform all kinds of miracles. Left unleashed, as lightning, it can destroy everything you care about in one burning holocaust.

“One burning holocaust” seems a bit extreme.  Moving on:

…The deep wells of a person’s sex life can quench his thirst for significance, not as they gush forth in a series of wild outpourings, but only as they are channeled for purposes beyond the moment, and dedicated to meanings that represent the best of which he is capable.

Hmm.  I think I’m more in the “series of wild outpourings” stage.  Perhaps I’d better read ahead to the “dating tips” section.  More to come.  Or I could just learn about Wood Heat.  Could probably get some practical tips.

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