Naked Ironing Man gets a home run

Continued from NIM Strikes out

Friday night comes.  I’m so sure he will cancel.  I meet a girlfriend after work and she comes with me to the game.  We have a lovely time and I feel better that I took her because honestly, girlfriends will never let you down in the same way.  And when I think about my priorities, girlfriends rank higher than getting laid by dudes that will end up disappointing me or hurting me.

He hasn’t bailed (yet).  I told him to keep an eye out on his phone because I’ll likely be done by 10pm.  Turns out I’m ahead of schedule. Since he lives close by to where the game was, I text him and offer to stop by his place and we can take a taxi together to mine. He says since I’m a little ahead of schedule he needs 30 minutes and can he come to my place later.

My friend thinks this is annoying.  I agree.  I say it’s a micro example of the kind of shit that happens with him.  But I’m very excited that he hasn’t bailed.

He does show up at my place, apologizes for being late and says he wasn’t ready when I texted him because he hadn’t showered yet because I was earlier than anticipated. He told me he had still needed to shave and didn’t want to show up like a porcupine. He’s one of those guys who keeps hair on his body – he trims his chest (and I love the hair on his chest) but shaves his pubic area.  I don’t let him get past the top of my stairs – we embrace and kiss and five minutes goes by before I feel like I can release him and actually let him into my living room.

It was almost 11pm.

I made us some drinks – Amaretto Sours, which is one of my favorite recipes.  We can’t keep from touching each other every few minutes.  We were talking about our week but as I’m messing about in my kitchen he would come over to where I was standing to envelop me in his arms.  We sat on the tools at my kitchen island and end up in a serious make out session.  The heat builds so quickly with him.

He suggests we go upstairs.  Sometimes we don’t get there and I find myself naked and having sex on a variety of surfaces on my main floor.  This time we get upstairs.  He undresses me.  I love to be undressed…the feeling of being unwrapped…of someone taking time to admire the underthings I have chosen to wear for them.  He does it very well.  I peel off the layers of clothes – he’s a black t-shirt and jeans kind of guy – the kind that fills out a t-shirt just so.  I adore his body and his cock.  I get down on my knees and show him just how much.

He doesn’t rush anything.  Ever.  He will make standing naked in my bedroom, embracing and touching, last for 15 minutes.  I’m the one thinking – oh sweet jesus can you just throw me down on the bed and get inside me – but I remind myself that this is what delight is, this is what passion is, and this is how it feels when someone really likes taking the time to please me.

I know you might be getting bored of me saying what sex with him is like but wow.  Just wow.  It keeps getting better.  I had so many orgasms that my legs would not stop shuddering (not just shaking as they sometimes do).  The talks keep getting better.  There was a sense of intimacy and comfort this time that was stronger than before.  The little things – can I borrow your contact lens solution – that speak perhaps to a budding relationship. The way he kisses me during (and after) sex.  It’s affectionate.

I’m trying so hard to not let my mind go there, but it’s hard not to.  I like him.  But I’ve barely dated him.  However, as I stare at those words I realize – we have talked for hours and hours and hours together.  Many of those conversations happened to have been while we were naked in bed.  Why I feel like they are less valid because they didn’t occur over food or loud music I find interesting.

We finally fell asleep, sweaty and spent and in each others arms, at 2am.

The next morning, I woke up to his glorious morning wood, which makes me irrationally happy.  We talk for a bit and I understand more why he is how he is.  He talks about his family and anger and how he processes stress and as he holds me in his arms, touching me and kissing me, I just know. I know that he likes me and genuinely wants to spend time with me.  I know there is nobody else and hasn’t been since I met him.  And just in case you think I’ve gone completely mental, I also know that if he doesn’t figure out how to be with me more, then there is no chance of anything long-term.

Then he goes down on me, for literally over 30 minutes.  He mixes it all up and as usual I cum over and over again, and at moments I look at him and it feels like is taking mental snapshots for later use.  I tell him this later and he says that’s exactly what he’s doing…that being so close and so intimate is a huge turn-on for him, and that he likes having the pictures in his head to masturbate to later.

At 1pm we took a break from sex and talking to have breakfast.  I made eggs and bacon.  We both needed another round afterwards.

He didn’t leave until 3pm. Home fucking run.

I can’t wait to see him again.  But who knows when the stars and his brain will align and allow that to happen.

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  1. Home run, indeed.

    …girlfriends will never let you down in the same way…is exactly why I hope both of my daughters are gay, despite what followed. I’m serious. Men are unreliable. Also, I know what they’re after. I was a man before I got married and I know what’s inside their heads.

    • I had lunch with a gay girlfriend a couple weeks ago and she expressed amazement that it can ever work out between men and women!

      Yeah, I know what men are after. The irony with NIM is that I wish he was after it more than he is!

  2. I wish I could be gay too.

    Only because I know how awesome it is dating women and being in relationships with women. Damn that penis craving!

    What a home run. Pity that it’s all it can be though.

    • Yeah, it is a pity. I truly don’t understand this guy. I know in my heart how he feels but then makes choices to not be together…but says he wants a relationship. Methinks he’s lying to himself!

      • Yeah seems like he is, but from what I learnt wasting one and a half years on he’s lying to himself is that men are stubborn creatures and some will refuse to give in.

        Pick your battle wisely, for he might cling to that single raft of his for longer than you’re willing to wait and you honestly don’t want to waste your time on that like I did.

        • Great advice, Sharn…thanks. I absolutely know he’s not going to change. It will end badly for me if I keep hoping for that. It might sound defeatist, but for now, in the absence of having anyone else here that captivates me, I will take whatever time I can get from him…because it’s lovely (and hot!).

  3. Glad to hear of your multiple trips to Happy Land, Ann!
    Nice work, you two!
    Your prose was top-notch as usual: “I’m the one thinking – oh sweet jesus can you just throw me down on the bed and get inside me – but I remind myself that this is what delight is, this is what passion is, and this is how it feels when someone really likes taking the time to please me.”

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