Dump the guy. Keep the food.

So last night, whilst texting Matthew, I was heating up some dinner and drinking .  I know, I know…super exciting and sexy single girl life. 

Anyway, it occurred to me that the food I had taken out of my freezer that morning for dinner was the lasagna that the Giant had made for me the last time he visited. This struck me as very funny.

Dump the guy, keep the food.

I may take this on as a new motto.

0 thoughts on “Dump the guy. Keep the food.

  1. Hopefully it left a better taste in your mouth than he did.

    Note to self: leave bad food at woman’s house, that way if she dumps me at least she doesn’t get the pleasure of later eating it.

    • Him leaving a good taste in my mouth was never the problem 😉

      The classic dilemma. If you do something well, “they” will keep asking you to do it. So do you risk bad food? You might not get asked back…

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