Can't even ignore him

My friend Katharine wanted me to take a look at a guy who has reached out to her on a dating site.  My profile is still down.  But when I login, I see that I have a new message – WTF?

One guess who it is (you can read about him here).

It’s Shenanigans (aka “P”).  An email from the March 31… just a few days after I wrote the post above, all pissed off because I couldn’t even ignore him.

His message says: His message says “Ah you’re back. I just searched your name and you popped up. :)”

I was fully committed to ignoring him.  I really was.  But then I thought about it, and realized I inadvertently (not that he knows that) waited almost a week to respond.

Before I even thought about how I could be coy and bitchy (I’m not a game player by nature so it’s work to think about how to be one) I typed out a response:

“Not sure why…my profile is still down. Weird. I logged in to try to see how i could get rid of annoying “you have new matches” emails…perhaps that’s why.”


Now, I’m proud of myself that I didn’t add the “how are you?” or any other such conversation openers.  But I still couldn’t resist…like a moth to a flame.  But of course, he’s now responded:

“…I thought we were texting, why did you stop texting me?”

As of writing this, it’s been 30 hours since he sent it and I still haven’t responded.  I don’t know if I should.

0 thoughts on “Can't even ignore him

  1. I keep getting sucked in by trying to figure out how the f*ck he thinks the way he does. It’s super frustrating. His BS is definitely not worth the sex. I need a better distraction.

  2. Hells no, the guy is creepy and needy and doesn’t mix well with boundaries.

    Don’t even bother with it.

    You don’t need that kind of crazy in your life.

  3. I know this is well after the fact, but no. No do not make contact with him. I am not kidding when I say he is a nice clone of my ex. Right down to the “P” which after that hit me kinda freaked me out, but I don’t think Mr. Wonderful could pass as 30 anymore.

    • This guy is definitely 30. And yes, I say sayonara. I’m sure he’ll come back but I won’t waste my time anymore. It’s been a long time since I have seen him, and I only briefly (literally, one night) contemplated seeing him again. That time has passed.

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