My giant…

After the chaos of all the fucking and idiots on the naughty section of the one dating site I was on, I took down my profile in November.  I was still on another site and was pretty frustrated with how things had been going (see pretty much any of my posts for that background!).  One night at dinner with a single girlfriend, she suggested I join yet another, different site, where she had always had luck.  Why the heck not, I figured, and in mid-January, I signed up.

One profile that got my attention was a very tall (6’7″), very intelligent man who lived about an hour away from where I live. His profile was incredibly long (okay, yup, bit of a warning sign perhaps), well written, and demonstrated depth of personality and maturity.  He was divorced with two children, who he raised on his own from when they were very little.  He said he wanted someone who seemed like me.  His pictures were hot.  He was dark-haired, looked muscular, a bit of a bad boy, drove a vintage Harley, you know, the usual.  Reviewing some of the questions he had answered on the site, he seemed very open and very experienced sexually.  Which was super hot.  We seemed to be well matched on many fronts.

We were a 99% match, according to the site.  I kid you not.

One day, I got a notification that he had “liked” me.  While I have girlfriends who insist that they will never reach out first (which yes, does guarantee that someone is interested in you), I put myself out there more.  As a result, I get fucked more.  Both in the literal and philosophical sense.  Depending on my mood and which of the fuckings I’ve just received, this either makes me feel good or bad.

I sent him a note – my opener referred to something specific in his profile, and I closed with “So all that to say, I think you should message me back, if I may be so bold. I meet your “message me if” criteria, and I think we’d get along famously.”

I heard back the next day. He said:

Hello Ann, thank you for the message.  It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Well, 99% is indeed the highest match I recall seeing here and after perusing your profile and questions it does seem we are rather sympatico.  I’d genuinely relish the opportunity to get to you know better.

Warmest regards,


And so, it began.

[Part Two]

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