My giant…communicates (#2)

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Immediately following his opening email, I get another one, referencing the books I said I was currently reading.  Recommendations for another book to read, a documentary to watch, and why.  He’s obviously well read.  I asked him whether he was ever in my city and what kind of work he did – since he seemed quite electic.  He told me he got to my city pretty regularly, and that he was in high-tech manufacturing, mostly in quality assurance.

Okay, I could deal with this.  It’s only an hour between us.  He mentioned he was on a contract but that had a knee injury from work so was on “desk duty” for a while.  The contract job didn’t scare me off since he seemed to have pretty robust experience.

Our emails were lengthy and intelligent.  He tells me he is 6’7″ and 265 lbs.  Some highlights of our exchange:

  • Him: I’m somewhat of a neophyte at the whole texting milieu but I’m adapting. I still find the medium severely limited and detest the shorthand thinking that seems to accompany the mode of writing.
  • Me: Wow…6’7″…that’s awesome and I confess, a bit titillating….
  • Him: titillating, huh? Nice! I do believe I’m blushing? And seeing as turnabout is fair play I’d like to say that I find your figure titillating. It’s nice to see a fit, intelligent, funny woman these days.

He gives me his email address and his mobile number and asks me to call him.  I’m going to a sports game with a girlfriend that night but suggest I may call him later if he’s awake.

I do call him when I get home – and I happen to be completely drunk at the time – and the next morning, I don’t remember all of our conversation and I worry that I’ve said something dumb and I won’t hear from him again.  I expected his voice to be deep and sexy.  It wasn’t.  But I can’t hold that against him.

I go so far as to see what the astrological world says about our signs:

You will have an intense karmic bond. Loyal and deep. You want order and he wants power. It will be heated. If you have a common goal nothing can get in the way of your love.

Wow.  The next morning I left for a solo beach vacation and we continued to text while I was away.  He was funny and intelligent and flirty and sexy too. His family history was interesting; he had lots to talk about.

And then, this:

  • Him: Lol, careful what you wish for darling. Once you let this lion out of the cage, you may not be able to handle it. 😉
  • Me: Oh the gauntlet has been thrown. I love it.
  • Him: So are you always this flirty or you just got a thing for giants?
  • Me: Yes I’m pretty flirty but not indiscriminately…hope it doesn’t bother you
  • Him: No, not at all. I’m flattered.  I don’t typically flirt much, it’s akin to the way lions don’t really play with gazelles.

I was hooked.

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