Again with the Cook. Really? Are you Fu*king kidding me?

This guy is now more than a bad rash.  He’s an STD that keeps coming back.  Those of you new to my Cook adventures can catch up below:

But wait!  There’s more!!  Two days ago, on a fourth site I joined (my profile is currently hidden on the first two that he and I interacted on)…who shows up in my “viewed you” list but him.  REALLY??  So I looked at him too even thought I know he will see this.  I was highly proud that I resisted all urges to email him on the site and say “really? why bother, fucker?!”.

If that’s not enough, up comes my annoying daily or weekly email that says, basically – here are all the guys we think you would love – but it’s generally too bad because they are short or jobless or I just don’t find them attractive.  You have ONE GUESS who shows up on the list.  Of course.  Life wouldn’t have a sense of humor otherwise.  It makes me wonder why he looked at me in the first place – perhaps I showed up on his list.  Sigh.

0 thoughts on “Again with the Cook. Really? Are you Fu*king kidding me?

  1. A one of a kind asshole. no good can be cooked up with that.
    But wow. To think he would again reach out after rejecting you. he must have some sort of amnesia or brain damage. Maybe the wrong head takes control they do see bad with that one eye

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