Alive and fu*king

Well I can’t believe I have stopped writing for so long. Three months. Wow. The only human who knows me and this blog has been encouraging me to get back to writing, after hearing over the last few months my adventures and misadventures. I do admit there has been many a time where I think – oh man, I need to write this down – so I’m going to try to do so again.

I fell off the writing wagon for a few reasons. First, I had a major deadline at work on Jan 1 and I needed to make sure everything went well (it did; extraordinarily well, actually). I’m now at a blank as to why else. Sheesh. I guess writing about all of the failures of ones “relationships” can be a bit depressing. None of the boys worked out. I had hope for one, but it caused more pain than pleasure which deems like a dumb ratio to continue. And sadly I didn’t even write about him. But I will.

Right now I’m on a short vacation with a family member with no significant itinerary…so will be finding the time to write. It’s been an introspective few months and I have a lot on my mind.

What do you think?