The Cook is smokin' hot

Well, the first of the bumper crop was a good one indeed.  As I mentioned in Bumper Crop of Boys, this one we’ll call “The Cook”.  He’s Italian, born here but with strong roots, 45, has a legal-ish job relating to patents, good friends and close to his family, likes fast cars (as do I) and is quite intelligent.  Our prior text messages were way less sexual than others, but he didn’t seem to be a prude, said he was very affectionate and looking for the same, and I enjoyed a lot of witty banter. Divorced, no kids. In one memorable text exchange, he expressed concern that he may have “hydraulics problems” if he wasn’t comfortable with a new lover…which I actually found endearing…but was quick to follow-up that he has never had issues with regular partners.

So we decided he would pick me up from my place and we’d go to his place where he would make me dinner.  He’s 6′ or so, so taller than me when I’m not in heels.  He picked me up…drove standard which I can’t help it but I find really hot.  He drove like I do.  Found it to be a bit of a turn-on, actually.

We get to his place and it’s a small condo and we have a great talk about how people seem to have this want for way more space then they need.  His bedroom is dark purple.  I love purple and it’s the color of an accent wall in my kitchen and also my bathroom.  I find it very bold and cool that he’s a guy with a purple bedroom.  We open the wine, he starts dinner (gorgonzola gnocchi), and then comes around his island and kisses me.  It was a great kiss.  He’s good with his hands.  So we kiss for a few minutes and he breaks away and goes back to his dinner preparation.  About 10 minutes later he does the same thing.  And he repeats this over and over again. So, by the time we have dinner I’m all worked up.

After we finish we sit down on the couch and talk about lots of different things, including how we have set up our hard drives for media viewing.  A fellow geek!  But then he kisses me and it’s amazing.  He has such strong hands and I’m a sucker for that.  Great body…he played rugby.  I end up sitting on top of him on the couch and he has this way of teasing me with his hands without really touching my breasts.  It drives me crazy.  He stands up with me on him and CARRIES me to his bedroom.  I’m 5″10′ so not exactly light.  Then he proceeds to give me multiple orgasms just with his hands.  Aaahhhh.

We do have sex and nope, it’s not safe (yes, I’m being an idiot), and he stops to ask if he needs to worry about me getting pregnant.  Which I just find hilarious because I am on the pill and SO not worried about that.  But absolutely worried about getting an STI so I’m thinking “seriously? this is what he’s worried about? not that I might be totally sleeping around?”.  Geez.  But I managed to move past that and it was great (although on a side note, I am worried about STI’s and will write about that separately).  I went home around 11pm because I was literally falling asleep and had to go to work in the morning.

I would quite like to see him again.  I told him so the next day.  He reiterated.  I will try to not be overbearing and also not have it bother me (hypocrite alert!) that he was on the online dating site tonight when I logged in to read my email.

[Part Two]

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