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So I have my engagement ring (classic 1 ct diamond, actually was my mother-in-laws), and my wedding ring (small diamonds taken from my Mom’s rings she no longer wore), and also my husband’s wedding ring (never wanted it, I insisted he get one, not surprisingly he never really wore it).  I’m not that flashy so never really wore my engagement ring that often, but I loved my wedding band.  I have other rings but I miss having something on my hand all the time.  As girly as that sounds.

After checking with my ex to ensure there was NO WAY he wanted the engagement ring back, or his own wedding ring, I’ve decided to glom them all together and get a custom ring made.  I’m going to go back to the same jeweler who made my wedding ring.  No, I don’t think this is bad luck.  I’d like to have something on my hand that reminds me, every day, of the relationship with my ex and the connection we will forever have.  They are mostly good memories. 

Anyone out there done something similar?

And I’m going to get another tattoo to commemorate this past year and my son’s birthdate…this is maybe a bit longer in the planning cycle since I can’t even figure out a good, gravity defying, place to get it.  All suggestions welcome ; )

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    • That was my thought exactly…it seemed like a loss to simply remove a ring which was a great symbol of a commitment and a connection. Also, I’m a practical sort so also got to thinking “what the heck am I going to do with it anyway?”. I like your phrase “make something new out of something old”…it’s what I’m doing with my life too!

  1. I have to admit I never wore my ring in my own marriage. Psychologically I felt the weight of my tethers more than any ring could ever create. For me, it was like slowly being drowned.

    I realized, near the end, I was emotionally withdrawing because I felt that I had simply reached the limit of care I could show for another person while getting none in return. Or to put it a little better, I was concerned with their happiness… they were also concerned with their happiness. No one was giving a damn about mine. I really hope I didn’t get to be the level of ass your ex was though, that is beyond rough. I would have never issued a hall pass. If I wasn’t getting anything good out of it, I sure as hell weren’t allowing them to 😉 Congrats on your revival!

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