My New Rules

I haven’t yet written about the various letdowns I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, but was inspired by a fellow blogger’s comment last month which said, basically, if she hasn’t met up with a guy within a week she gives them full radio silence.  I can’t do that because I have my son every other week…so depending when we first make contact, it might be 3 weeks before I’m available to see them.

But what I decided is that I am going to “fire” all the guys who I’ve been in contact with for longer than that and we’ve never met.  Enough.  Done.  Sayonara.  They have been removed from my favorites lists so I don’t see that they are online and just not messaging me.  I’ve deleted their text message history off my phone (I saved them to my computer first because some I want to write about and it’s a good reminder).  Finally, I removed their access to any of the photos they had of me, other than my profile photos.  I will try very hard to not go look them up when I’m online.  I’ve been okay with that for the most part, except for “The Model” who I’m having a hard time getting out of my mind.

I am going to focus on the following…in this order:

  1. My son
  2. The rest of my family
  3. Work
  4. Girlfriends
  5. The 4 guys who are showing lots of interest, who are also nice and smart and hot in bed.  This includes Ariel and two guys I haven’t written about yet but who are part of the Bumper Crop.  This list might get whittled down to 3 given “The Cook” has gone from daily emailing and flirting to silence.  Even though we set a date for this Friday night.

I am NOT going to engage with new guys in the same way.  At least for now.  A few that take the time to email, I will email them back.  Maybe.  But I’m not going to start hot chats and send photos right now.  They can wait.  Depending on how it goes with #5 above I may go back online, pick one of the ones I have in a holding pattern (this makes me laugh because it goes both ways) and move forward.  But for now, unless I can get my life sorted with those first four priorities, WHY ON EARTH would I keep putting myself out there for sub-optimal results?  I’d fire my ass if I employed myself.  You know what I mean.

Some encouragement will help here…the pursuit is so attractive but I know I have to get my mental shit in order.  I can’t become addicted to the pursuit and that build up of desire.

0 thoughts on “My New Rules

  1. Love the honesty here. yes that would be the order. and work well it still needs to be done before partying with the girls or boys, guess hat can be switched on occasion.
    Asking for encouragement, but I cannot deny the feeling women have. To say it blunt. What is wrong with having an itch as long as you know where you stand with what you prioritise.
    keep smiling.

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