Jason….he's back!

I saw Jason again that week.  I had some plans change (someone else bailed on me for a Friday night; the good news I guess is right now, as I’m writing this, I can’t remember who!) so I reached out and asked if there was any chance he was free.  This of course was only after he had said he wanted to see me again.  I was working from home and it ended up that he was able to leave work early and come over to my place.  I plowed through everything so I could be done early.  Boy, was I glad.

The sex was just as awesome as the first time…if not even better.  He’s an amazing tease, and he’s strong, so he will hold me down and I’m literally writhing in pleasure and can’t move at all, until he decides it’s time to change things up.  I had types of orgasms with him that I very rarely have.  He had me in such a state after telling me he had to leave, a bit earlier than expected, that I was almost begging him to have sex with me one. more. time. before he left. 

Turns out it was a total mind fuck and when he literally pushed me up against the wall and started to put me out of my misery I just about died with pleasure.  We ended up on my couch and even he said afterwards he rarely cums that fast a second time.  Now…that could be a total line…but I’ll take it.

At one point in the middle of sex he bit my neck – hard – not painful but surprising.  I didn’t think much of it until 2 days later, when I’m sitting at my kitchen island with my ex, who had dropped off my son….and he says “oh my god is that a hickey?” – I stuttered some lame excuses and he laughed his head off and called me a loser.  Perhaps he was just jealous.

With the conversation with Jason turning regularly to the sexual…I discover – bonus! – that he’s also quite happy to arrange for him and his partner to explore with others.  He considers himself bisexual even though he wants his primarily relationship to be with a woman, and ultimately he’s looking for just one regular partner.  But he likes to play with others as part of that relationship.  He had a prior girlfriend (a 4 year relationship) and they “played” with another couple on a regular basis.  Her with the other guy or the other woman, and he with either / both as well.  This is very interesting to me.  I’ve told him that I’m not sure I am willing to be thrown in the deep end and end up with another couple right away…girl parts don’t really interest me at all…but I’d like to repeat my experiences with two guys at one time…MFM, since I’ve learned the short form. So we have talked quite a bit about what I might like…and how he will go about helping me get what I desire.

One day he said to me:

I’ ve dated all shapes and sizes; thin, BBW [big bold woman], to the normal real woman with curves that you are and I’ve never been so turned on like I am when I touch and feel you.  From the moment I saw you walk in the restaurant, I got very aroused…how beautiful you were and how you have the confidence behind it too.


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