Bumper Crop Boy 2 | Baseball Boy

I think I need to name him something other than “baseball boy” since I think he’ll be around for at least a little while.  We’ll go with Jason.  He had been contacting me for a while off and on since Oct 20…he would IM me on the naughty part of the site by saying “good evening m’lady” or something like that.  He wrote in decent sentences (“You seem very intriguing and are looking for the same thing I am so wanted to get to know you better“) and demonstrated some respect (“Just because you are in here doesn’t mean you deserve to be disrespected…you are here because you are open and honest about your sexuality and what you are looking for. 🙂“) and notwithstanding the fact that guys lie, actually seemed to have a decent reason for being on that part of the site:

I am on here because I am single and wanted to use all the tools available to me to find someone to have some fun with ongoing and would be open to more if it went that way. Chemistry is very important to intimacy and not looking for a one time thing… I am in this section because I wanted to find someone open and honest about their needs and wants and not feel they have to hide behind it and not get what they want to enjoy intimacy“.

Jason seemed like a real guy.  Plays sports (baseball league! volleyball league! dodgeball!) and has friends and visits his parents (and no, not when he goes upstairs because he lives with them ha ha – he doesn’t).  He lives in a cool area of town.  Does technology sales support for an electronics company.  Didn’t send me a cock shot within 10 minutes…which alone is a differentiator these days.  He was intelligent and funny and polite.  He said he’s looking for “someone kind, sensual, happy, has a beautiful smile and a good head on her shoulders and wants to experience and enjoy life.  Is honest and open and not into games.  The brain is the best feature in and out of the bedroom.  I’m pretty quick-witted and very attracted to a woman who can keep up as you have been.”

We moved from instant messaging on the site to text messaging and he said he would much prefer to meet someone in person than text endlessly.  I quite liked that given my recent experience.  He actually wasn’t afraid of some pursuit and was a good communicator online.  We made plans to meet for dinner; I chose a small Italian restaurant near my house.  Went there with Ariel too…guess I thought it would be a good omen and worst case scenario I would have had really great pasta.

Jason wasn’t just straight up nice and boring.  He was pretty hot with the messaging when he wanted to be…and while its hard to explain, very cleverly eased into that kind of conversation (not the straight up “hey babe do you like anal?”)  Here are the highlights:

  • “FYI, you do not look your age at all; I would have guessed 35” [now I know that’s not hot but definitely a nice compliment…]
  • “Slow, sensual, pushing you up against the wall as we kiss deeper, our bodies pressed up hard against each other…hands exploring each others bodies, sliding between your thighs while kissing your next and nibbling on your earlobe.”
  • “Sleep tight and dream about being pressed up against the wall making out, hands roaming you body, I slowly start to kiss down your neck and chest while my hand draws up your short skirt, I slowly kneel down in front of you life your one leg slowly over my shoulder kissing down your navel until I slowly slide my tongue inside of you teasing your clit at the same time.  All while my hands slide up your body along your hips and slowly fondle your breasts as my tongue tastes you as it goes deeper and flicks harder. You grab the back of my head and push my tongue in deeper and ride my face until you orgasm for the first time.  I suck on you as you orgasm and your body spasms. When your done, I stand up, pick you up and carry you into the bedroom to continue exploring your body with my hands and tongue.”

I mean, seriously…he said he wanted to give me a visual to think about prior to meeting him.  Later he joked about whether we’d end up at my place and he could make that a reality for me.  I also liked his humor…not crude but sexually playful (“Did you pick out what you are wearing yet? How will it looking laying on the floor by the front door? 😉 ha ha jk“).

Dinner was delightful, for all the reasons I thought it would be.  We did go back to my place and talked then made out then had sex, and all that was delightful too.  He has this amazing balance – perfect for me – between aggression and respect.  He’s strong and likes to move me around in bed to where he wants me.  I think it’s fantastic.  But he’s not crass…not the kind of guy who pushes your head down because he wants his cock sucked.  He’s 6’3” and his hands feel so awesome on my hips…he makes me feel small and light.  Yes, he did pretty much exactly what he said he would do.  I definitely wanted to see him again.

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  2. Have just found your blog and I’m loving it! So thank you! It feels familiar in terms of positive and negative events and timelines in my own life. I’m sort of newly online dating (regular & naughty sites) and running into alot of these characters.

    Anyway … can’t believe no comments on this one. Those are some awesome texts to receive when you’re ‘feeling it’ for someone. Sounds like an amazing date with lots of potential (even though I accidentally may have read the ending earlier).

    • Hi Candace – welcome!! I’m glad you are enjoying what you are reading.

      This is a pretty old post from when I first started blogging. I still see this guy – or at least I did prior to meeting my current boyfriend. You can find all the posts about him on my “lovers” page; his name is Jason.

      He did have lots of potential!

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