A bumper crop of boys

It seems to be a life truism that when you are about to give up on something, life sends you sometime to make you reconsider.  I was getting a bit peeved at the liars and flakes I was encountering online.  But last week – poof! – it seems as though there is a new crop out there (some not so new, admittedly, just wasn’t paying close enough attention) and now I seem to have met a number of highly sexual yet datable guys.  I’m sitting at my computer in a new cool, casual, yet sexy dress with tights and boots waiting for my dinner date.  I will call him “the cook”.  We had a nice after-work drink last week…he didn’t even kiss me goodbye…and now he’s picking me up and he’s taking me to his place where he is making me dinner.  Gongonzola gnocchi.  This, in my opinion, is a very good omen.

There are more I will write about, and who knows, they could all be found a little wanting…but it’s better than not showing up at all!  Now of course there is the married guy who just can’t get it through his head that I’m not interested.  But we alll need the world to remain balanced I suppose. Happy Sunday night.

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