The healing power of one's child

The down side of having my son only every other week is that I miss him terribly (of course) and can get caught up in the bullshit of online dating and flaky men.  Of course, the upside is those weeks, I get time to go out with girlfriends, or meet those flaky men and sometimes have great sex.  

But the best part is that the weeks he is with me – starting this afternoon, for example – I am reminded of the things that really matter.  Which is this little person who brings such amazing joy into my life.  Who is happy to play battleship and pretend games and who is getting so big he takes a shower and washes his hair by himself.  And who loves me no matter what the doofus former model from that big city thinks of me.  Reading and then singing to him in bed and all the craziness of online dating melts away.  

I will never forget that my son is the most important thing in the entire world to me.

What do you think?