Its a small world, after all…

So, an awkward and hilarious moment today at work which I had to share.  In “Balls of Confusion” my last paragraph is about the guy who texted me to say work was too busy and he had to go quiet for a bit.  So I’m in my office (which is more of a “war room” given the kind of work I’m doing, and the main inhabitants are women) and lamenting the number of disappointments cancellations I’ve had this week.  Please know that only one of these women (Team Member #1 below) knows the extent of the fun I am having and that I’m on a naughty site.  The others believe it’s all vanilla online dating. 

So…the conversation goes something like this:

  • Me:  yeah that (text message) totally sucks.  Crazy thing is there’s a photo on his profile of him doing the splits in a jump so turns out he was a skater.
  • Team Member 1:   Ooohhhh skaters have the best thighs.  Oh do you mean skateboarder or figure skater?
  • Me:   Figure skater.
  • Team Member 2:   Really? Who did he skate for? I may know him, I was a skater.
  • Me:  Doubtful, I think he’s closer to my age.
  • Team Member 2:   Try me. 
  • Me:  Uh, well, I’m sure not but he skated for [our country].  Name is [skater dude].
  • Team Member 2:   Yeah, doesn’t sound familiar. 
  • Me:  Well he goes by [anglicized name]. He’s originally from [other country]
  • Team Member 2:  Oh my God it’s not [skater dude so-in-so] is it?
  • Me:  No clue. I will google him.
  • Me:  Oh My God that’s him.
  • Team Member 2:    I used to train with him! That’s crazy! He’s a really nice guy, by the way. And you never even met him?
  • Team Member 1:   The universe just got a little smaller today.


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  1. Wow…small world indeed. Skaters have some amazing, sexy thighs. So do cyclists! Apolo Ohno has my favorite thighs and now he’s doing Ironman Tris. So, he’s doing it doubly for me! You HAVE to see Will’s legs! Hmm…I think I have a new post idea!

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