Balls of Confusion

First of all, I’m not sure how I can continue at this hectic man pace.  It’s causing me to not focus on my female relationships which honestly should always be a priority.  And, I need more sleep.  And frankly it’s hard to write about everything and I’d really like to since there is so much that is humorous.  My job right now is pretty big and I need to be on top of my game.  So I was thinking about how I can slow things down a little bit and it actually kinda happened without me expecting it.  This week so far has been a bit of a disaster.

I saw the out-of-towner last Wed after my son goes to sleep.  He’s nervous and talks a LOT about himself and as a result asked me little. But he’s aware enough to recognize it at least.  He’s interesting and has children and lived abroad and so all good on that front.  And he’s a lovely kisser and we make out on my couch and he makes me come from oral sex and that’s all good…but the sex itself was MEH.  I’ve never used that expression in writing but it fits I guess.  I’ve been spoilt by Ariel.

On Sunday I was supposed to see John the Trainer.  We scheduled Sunday and Tuesday to see each other.  On Sunday his mother had a stroke (minor, he said) so obviously he can’t come over.  On Monday I text him and he says he’s sick.  Tuesday I text him to confirm and I still (today is Thursday) haven’t heard anything back.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t just bailed on me since he was pretty keen and I would imagine those are pretty extreme excuses, right?? …which means maybe something bad has happened.  I have no idea what the texting protocol is…do you keep texting someone?  Leave it be?

So there’s a guy who I will call Mr Spontaneity.  He and I have been chatting for weeks and weeks and our collective work and parenting schedules have never aligned.  He never wanted to set a date to meet because he’s “spontaneous”.  When John the Trainer bails I figure I will test his theory.  He comes over.  He’s cute in a scruffy way – there’s an instant physical attraction – and a little bit taller.  He brings a great bottle of wine and we sit in my kitchen and talk and he’s fun.  Smart and interesting and all those things but overall – fun.  I get a text from my ex that I check and he says “go ahead and call him back if you have to” so I do, and he surprisingly (we haven’t even kissed yet) unbuttons my shirt and sucks on my nipples while I’m on the phone.  Crazy fun.  We kiss and sadly he’s the kinda guy that shoves his tongue way deep in your mouth right away.  Has nobody ever told him this is NOT a good way to kiss?  Crap.  In the bedroom, he’s creative but the sex lasts about. two. minutes.  At least we do it twice so the second time is a bit longer, and this fun guy decides we should do it for a couple of minutes on my balcony, which is NOT private at all.  Crazy.

I’m getting a bit bummed out at the fact that the whole package seems elusive.  But then again, if I found the whole package right now I’m definitely not ready to commit to someone.  More on that later.

Yesterday (Wed) I was supposed to meet a new young guy who’s been pursuing me like crazy.  We even confirmed on Mon.  And he completely disappeared.  No response as of yet.  So…I tried Mr Spontaneity again and it worked!  Figured I’d give him another try in case maybe the sex was short because he was nervous.  Sadly, nope.  Seems to be just what I would get from him.  I’m torn because great sex is SO important to me right now, but on the other hand he and I would have some fun dates.  What’s a girl to do?

The icing on the cake though was that I got a text from a guy who was seeming quite interesting – said basically he was having way too many work issues and he had to take a break and would get back to me should he have time.  I asked him whether that was the truth and that if it was about me I’d rather he just tell me.  He said nope absolutely was about work.  Oh well.

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  3. What’s with these guys with stamina issues?
    Don’t they know enough to “take the edge off” BEFORE the date?
    They need to let you take over and control the pace.

      • I can tell!
        I hope these guys realize how lucky they are!
        By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, in your travels, have you ever engaged in threesomes or girl/girl?
        I may be crossing a line here, but the life of the modern-day single gal fascinates me and people look at certain situations differently these days.

        • Are there really lines that can be crossed in a space like this one? I will answer pretty much anything, I think – feel free to test me on that! I have engaged in MFM threesomes although none recently (despite some attempts to do so with “Jason”). Been thinking about going backwards in time and writing about some of my pre-marriage experiences. Some of them are a bit crazy.

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