Youth versus Experience


So in my first week on the naughty section of a dating site, I met a lot of guys.  Sounds obvious to say that but I think the ratio is definitely in my favor.  And I had a photo so they knew I was a real girl.  So jumping into the dating scene in this way is a little freaky to someone who last went on a date in 1998.  But, as detailed in previous blogs, I was looking to make up for lost time, as it were.

So when a 26 year old with a great smile and cute face sent me a really dirty message right out of the gate, I was intrigued.  I tried to find it just now and sadly it’s deleted but it was something very very rough and hard and bold.  I’m not sure why but I was intrigued even though he was only 5’7″ and I’m not a big fan of shorter guys.  So we messaged back and forth a bit and he was so, well, hard… I don’t mean physically but he was not at all interested in meeting for a drink.  He wanted to just meet to have sex.  He told me about his conquests with older women and we even texted about a few of our exploits.  Seemed pretty open.

I remember asking him what happened if he planned to just meet someone at his place then didn’t have chemistry with them and he said “you just man up and fuck”.  Well, I told him that wasn’t for me, thank you, since I’ve done the one-night-stand thing and certainly don’t want to know in advance that it’s only going to be for one night.  I’d much rather at least hope that I’ll sleep with them again instead of wishing they just get the heck out of my bed.

Well I guess I convinced him – or intrigued him – and so he became interested in talking about his background (also non-traditional, like mine) and work and other things.  We talked on the phone a couple of times.  And then this hard, fuck-only guy suddenly showed his very soft underbelly.  One night he said in a text “wouldn’t you be worried about being seen in public with me given our age difference”?  I responded that since we hadn’t even met yet, wasn’t he worrying a bit in advance?  And he got all hurt and offended and stopped texting me for a few days.

Hmm.  It was bizarre but he was interesting and I hadn’t met Arial yet so he was a good time filler.   I wondered if it was age and experience that informed our difference of opinions.  I told him I had a child and that didn’t seem to phase him.  One night he asked if he could come over – we live literally 5 minutes from each other – and I said “sure”.  When he showed up I was vaguely disappointed.  He was not “muscular” per his profile, for sure, and he was a bit awkward…and didn’t know when to just grab me and kiss me.

I made the first move and the kissing was lovely and he was tender and sweet and not at all the hard guy that he came across as on the site.  The sex was decent but I can’t really think of anything meaningful to write about (compared to some others from much much longer ago and I still remember key moments).  Turns out that at least in this case, youthful exuberance doesn’t outweight the awesomeness of sex with someone with lots of experience, who knows just how to make things happen for you.  We had great chats about our mutual interests between sessions and that was nice.  But after he left he evaporated and we didn’t really text for a week or so.

But here’s the thing that really made me want to write about him.  A few days after I met Ariel in person, this guy texted me and asked me how I was doing.  Remember, he told me about a whole bunch of his conquests.  So I said I was doing great and met someone who can “really keep up with me”.  He got all offended and said I really hurt him and it was better if I didn’t talk to him anymore.  I reminded him that it wasn’t like he was that interested after we got together but no matter, he’s gone.  Not that I was hankering to have him in my bed again, but he was fun to talk to.

Are 26 years olds that fucked up or did I really mess with him?

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  1. Seems like he is super sensitive and insecure, and I bet he was lying about his “conquests”. He probably assumed since you’re older you may like him more because he’s the “young hot one”. Ew. Either way, he’s lame and the sex was mediocre. Ex to the Next….

  2. How can one mess with him? He said things he never done. isn’t that messing to. Makes you wonder what the mind of a 26 year old is thinking. something ain’t right.
    Good luck on the dating 😀

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