Where does the time go?

Sunday:  Personal Trainer John (per “The Bad with the Good”)

Monday: Out-of-Towner cancels due to illness so Ariel comes over. Awesome mind blowing sex per usual.

Tuesday: After work date with Super Tall Guy (new!!) who was lovely to chat with, similar interests, nice background, good conversation and not too damaged.  BUT not a great kisser and not as aggressive as I’d like, but I give him a chance for more.  Sex was weird and unsatifying.  Second time he just knelt over me and masturbated.  But of course he really liked me and has reached out again.  Hmmm.  Whole package is proving elusive.

Wednesday:  I go over to Ariel’s for dinner where he makes me the most amazing lamb meal.  Not usually a fan but this is really good.  His apartment though is a bit of a disaster.  I’m a bit of a cleanliness freak so can handle mess (it wasn’t messy) but definitely not as clean as I would like.  I’m sure that sounds weird…  Anyway we have a great meal and wine and sex at his place then go to my place for sleep.  It’s so lovely sleeping with him – we fit so well together and he pulls me into him and we are wrapped together and I still manage to sleep like that.

Thursday: After work drinks with someone who I don’t think I’ll bother naming…met him on the naughty site and we had been texting back-and-forth for a while and I figured why not I’m free so we met up.  Super hot slim build but looked older when he showed up – like old face on young guy body.  Conversation was funny and we shared crazy stories from the site and why we were each there…the openness was refreshing.  Went back to my place and had another drink and the kissing was great but sex was well…wet.  He was sweating like a maniac and it was dripping on my forehead constantly and all I could wonder was why was he in such bad shape and incapable of really fucking me hard when he had such a hard body.  I tired the poor man out after 20 minutes.  So of course it was Ariel to the rescue after the other one left. 

Friday: I have to go back to IKEA.  Don’t get me started.  Nothing like being #17 and still being helped by the customer service agent when #50 gets called.  Anyway, Ariel went with me.  I’m finding it difficult to not feel guilty.  He doesn’t believe in jealousy but I still can’t imagine he’d be happy knowing just how much variety I am seeking.  And he’s such a nice guy.  I expressed interest in going to a swingers club so he’s going to take me.  He might realize just how open I am once we do that.

The Weekend: No guys this time (well a lot of texting) but I have one of my best friends visit and she tells me she can’t believe I was in a sexless marriage – me who had more sex in university than all of my 4 roommates COMBINED.  So our assessment was I’m just making up for lost time.  We’ll see.

Monday: Out-of-Towner and I spontaneously agree to have lunch since he happens to be not that far away today.  I’m in a suit and he’s in his work gear which he is conscious of.  We have burgers in a food court and just talk.  He’s (as my friend put it) like a real guy.  A bit nervous to meet and sweet and funny and actually tells me that he started off just looking for sex but then I was quite nice and interesting and smart and now it’s changed for him.  Wow.  I kiss him goodbye and it’s just a perfect, slow, melting kiss.  He’s super tall so even in my heels I still have to reach up to kiss him.  We’re going to try to have another lunch this week.  I find myself still thinking about that kiss.

What do you think?