When to give a guy a chance (Part 1)

My first day on a online dating site (in the “naughty” section) I get a “flirt” from a guy and he has a picture and his profile catches my eye because he has, like, an 8 pack and it includes a requisite cock shot and boy is that beautiful and big as well.  His profile says he loves to pleasure a woman, has a high sex drive, likes to take his time, cum many times each time and oh yeah he’s well endowed. And he doesn’t like quickies or one night stands. He’s close to my age and taller. Hmmm.

I respond to his smile and we start to email back and forth…something like this:

Me: “Sorry for not responding sooner…I was overwhelmed with messages and it was my first time on the site. I am looking for someone who can keep up with my voracious appetite so I am intrigued by your profile. Perhaps we can chat sometime?” (I’ve never done this before but figured that sounded good…).

Him: “I am sure I can handle your appetite, I always wake up with a massive hard on and go to bed with one as well. If you want to chat you can reach me at…”

We text a bit back and forth and he’s busy then I’m busy and we never talk on the phone. And he’s a pretty steady communicator (albeit not that frequent) which is different from my other early experiences from the site, which were less than stellar. So we make a plan to meet after I come back from a week-long vacation.

By now I’m sure given the other jerks guys (more to come on that later) that he will evaporate. But he sticks to his plan and we set a date to meet which happens to be a Thursday at a little pub near my house.

I show up – he’s on time – and he says “Hey” and my first thought is “WTF this is not the same guy…what do I do”. But I’m dressed up and I’m out and I have to have dinner anyway so why not, I figure I’ll give him a chance.

He’s kinda awkward at first and the conversation doesn’t flow very well. I’m asking him lots of questions to keep things going. I note that he nurses his beer instead of rapidly downing it as I am with my glass of wine since I’m a bit nervous. Keep in mind this is only my second date since being single.

Physically he looks nothing like the dude in the photo. He’s got a seriously receding hairline, missing a tooth (!), glasses, very slight paunch (not bad…just not what I expected). Basically if he approached me at a bar in my shallow phase I would not be interested. at. all.

But over dinner I discover he’s smart and has an interesting background and is just slow to get warmed up in conversation. He knows what’s going on in the world and he’s got a wicked sense of humor like me. He pays in cash and then asks what I’d like to do next.

It’s the moment of truth.

I remember – no word of a lie – that cock shot and think hmmm…there are some things that won’t change over time. And he was nice and patient and smart and all those other things. So I say “hey why don’t we get a drink at my place”. Done and done.

Here is my lesson in why you should sometimes give these guys a chance. We go into my kitchen and I’m a bit nervous and being all busy with getting a drink and he grabs my arm and pulls me to him and he kisses me. Fantastic kisser…hands everywhere, pulling me into him and I can feel how strong he actually is. I kinda melt right there and then.

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13 thoughts on “When to give a guy a chance (Part 1)

  1. Definitely an interesting story! Good for you for sticking around and “trying it out.” You never know until you try..I suppose! Look forward to reading more.

  2. I went on a date with a guy with a missing tooth once. I didn’t notice it in the pictures because he didn’t smile all the way but he was missing one right in the middle on the bottom. That guy sweated profusely. I jumped out of his truck while it was not quite stopped yet when he parked because I was afraid he was going to kiss me. Yep, I think I need to write about that one haha.

  3. Hi! I have a blog which is sort of like a podcast. My partner and I read our favorite bloggers work and add some commentary…sort of Talk Soup for the blog world. We just love you and would love to have you check it out.

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