When is bailing on a date not bailing on me?

So back to the personal trainer who I was supposed to see on Thursday night.  He bailed.  He works about 90 minutes from where I live and I knew he was working until 8pm.  I hop in the shower to get ready and by 8:40 he hasn’t texted to say he’s on his way.  So I text him and ask.  I get:

“Sorry luv. Stuck at work. I can’t make it :-(”

i simply respond “oh, okay”

Now, he’s been pursuing me in a balanced and consistent way for a couple weeks.  So this is a surprise.  After my few minutes of being pissed that I won’t finally get to meet him, and feeling that nasty feeling of being rejected, I break down the text.  By saying “luv” and that sad face, is he trying to mask the rejection of me?  Or could it be he really does still want to see me and this is remorse?  Then I realize the likelihood of that much forethought in a text is probably unlikely.  I will choose to see the positive and not turn into a totally cynical bitch (yet).  Although dating will do that to people.

Later we text back-and-forth a bit more and then at 10:40 I get “I wish I was there now”

By then, of course, I was already in Ariel’s arms, having texted him 5 minutes after I got over the Trainers pseudo-rejection.  He brought his restraints this time.

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  1. Never read too much into a text message… or anything a guy says for that matter. Some guys are straight forward, and some lie, and others are passive aggressive. Just respond in what you feel is right and go about living. Sounds like you did that! He will get back in touch with you if he is still interested. If he’s already lost interest at this point, then he isn’t much of a catch anyway!

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