Two guys; one night.

Joey and I finally get together for a first date after numerous emails. We meet at a patio in a nice area of town, close to his office and not far from where I was during the day. He’s kinda awkward at first and seems a bit damaged from the breakdown of his relationship which was in January. Thank you but I don’t want to hear that much about your ex when I don’t ask. Oh and he still hasn’t moved back out of his Mom’s basement. But he has a lucrative job so I know that it’s not financially motivated. Maybe that’s worse… He wonders out loud how I can be so calm and well-adjusted about my split. He suggests I will crack a few months from now…I reassure him but I can tell he’s unconvinced.

I’m not totally sure we have a connection but we do warm up a bit to each other over the course of the conversation. We have several drinks, share dinner. Conversation turns to very sexual topics (which it did online quickly as well). He’s on some naughty sites. We go inside when it gets cold and sit together on a bench seat. He reaches over to tuck my hair behind my ear which is lovely. He kisses me and that’s lovely too.

He asks whether we should get a drink at my place and I decide that what-the-heck why not. We have a drink, kiss on the couch…but when it comes to going upstairs, he has some trouble. Can’t get an erection, is NOT impressed that I insist on a condom (oh can I put it in just a little and then I’ll do it? Sheesh) and then when he’s finally ready, comes way too fast. About 1 minute of lovely sensation. He’s embarrassed (obviously)…I try to not make a big deal of it. He leaves.

Feeling relatively unsatisfied, 2 minutes after he leaves I text Ariel and ask if he wants to come over. He leaves his place immediately to come over and when he gets here, we have again – as always – the most incredible sex. Orgasm after orgasm and then it’s midnight and I have to crash even though I still want more and more and more. I fall asleep and then wake up wrapped in his arms and it feels so romantic and lovely and then I remember – crap I slept with TWO GUYS IN ONE NIGHT.

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    • I’ve encountered a few men who have trouble maintaining erections with condoms…or those who say it really impacts their sensitivity. But it seems pretty basic, if you’re having casual sex with lots of different partners, you’d better wrap it – or at least be able to admit it’s reckless not to do so.

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