Too much screwing

Random I know, but I think there should be support groups for recently divorced or separated people who need to buy a LOT of furniture all at the same time.  My ex and I decided that he would stay in our house and I would move out.  We also wanted to ensure, for the sake of our son, that the house kinda stayed the same…which meant I didn’t strip it of all possessions.  Furthermore, we had a lot of custom built-in cabinets so in our bedroom, for example, after I took the bed and side tables there wasn’t anything else to take.  So…before I moved I spent some time ambling through used modern furniture stores and finding just the perfect stool for the kitchen island.  But then, I got wickedly bad food poisioning the week before our move-in date so all that final stuff – for which I’d taken time off – didn’t get done.  So, into the new house we go.

Enter my relationship with IKEA.  I had decided to get some cabinetry from them because it looks nice and added storage space to a seriously lacking townhouse.  But after living in boxes for a couple weeks I decided I had to bite the bullet and just get furniture even if it’s not perfect and I might replace it down the way.  But little did I know how quickly our relationship would be damaged by such a decision.  I felt very clever using their shopping (they get all those big boxes off the shelves for you…helpful when you are buying 20 items at a time), delivery, and assembly services.  They actually are pretty reasonable when you are already spending thousands furnishing an entire townhouse.  But then there is more to go wrong.  I actually don’t want to revisit all the headaches but let’s just say I’m contemplating whether it’s actually worth the $200 in returns I have, knowing I have to face that store once more.

My son and I tackled a dresser for my room on Sunday night.  I had no idea what we were getting into (my son is 5).  There were THREE separate bags of little bits and pieces.  Surprisingly only 2 things needed the infamous allen key.  I am literate and have an MBA and I find the directions with no language (ideal I know for a world-wide company) MORE confusing then the instructions they used to have.  Sheesh.  In the midst of all this my ex calls, my son picks up and asks Daddy to please bring Mummy the drill because she is doing too much screwing.  Yes, the irony of this is not lost on me at all.  My ex, being a pretty good guy, drives the drill up to our house (we are only 1 minute from each other, on purpose).  I grab the bag and he leaves and I get the drill out to discover he hasn’t. included. drill bits.

Wondering for a brief moment if this is a joke I decide that’s mean even for him to go back to manually screwing.  I text him that next time maybe he could drop the drill bits off.  He responds that he thought I took them.  Sigh.

The dresser is put together and quite frankly is quite lovely and my son is very happy to have helped Mummy with putting it together.  I confess I will think about it and it’s a nice memory.  I also chose to use some knobs that I had kept from the kitchen of our very first house (probably from the 60s) and so I think of that as well. But my right shoulder is sore from the screwing and I’d really rather have soreness from that other kind of screwing.  It looks like I have to wait a few more days for that to happen.


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  1. Too funny. I also furnished with IKEA post-divorce. I think that place is often filled with college students and the newly single…perhaps we should start an IKEA-based dating group. Get your flat packs and your dinner date all at the same time:)

    • Brilliant. I do confess to monitoring which of the guys who have come into my house lately, seeing those dreaded flat packs, offer to help. I think there is a correlation to those who don’t offer and their likelihood to evaporate. I think I will do a study – all in the name of science of course.

  2. Are tasks like these what youmstill need help with? Idon’t have an MBA, MS or anything that would indicate my mechanical or electrical aptitude. I have rebuilt classic auto engines, rewired vintage cars, remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, designed major IT framework, etc. Ikea instructions are baffling to say the very least. I give such tasks to my teenage son who wows me to no end. Savannah has two of us to help her.

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