The Bad with the Good

So yes, the Traveller bailed on Saturday.  Totally went silent after our chat on Friday.  Not too surprised but was still quite pissed off.  I don’t understand the man who takes a lot of time in chatting, emailing, saying that they want something in person just to go silent. 

There are a few different explanations…on the one hand, he could just be incredibly insensitive and inconsiderate.  Or perhaps just interested in getting off on hot texts, photos, video chat etc… and if that’s the case I would say why not just say that’s what you want since there are many others also looking only for that.  Don’t say you want to meet in person if that’s not the case.  On the extreme other side, perhaps he is some old fat guy using a hot guy’s photos…no intention to actually meet in person but instead is totally duplicitous.  I suppose it’s possible.

I went onto the dating website after the time we were supposed to meet, and he was there. Ignored my texts. So regardless of being ignored, it made me feel better to end with: “Wow. I guess you got what you wanted and now its sayonara. I’m not sure if I’m madder at you or myself. Go fuck with someone else’s mind.”

So today I literally laughed out loud when I was on the dating site and got the following text from him: “Hey baby doll. How are you doing. Im in [XXX] since yesterday. Got detoured here. I havent been on so i hope your not pissed at me.”

I guess he doesn’t know how to check the chat history.  Or if he’s a psycho maybe he didn’t care.  I explained yes I was pissed as he had multiple methods of reaching me to tell me he couldn’t meet.  His response? “i didnt have one bit of anything on me on Saturday my email or anything to get your number to call you. That is the truth.”

I even told him for all I know he could be a weird fat guy just getting off on my photos.  So…I got it out of my system and who knows…I will approach it with humor and not worry about it.  I have plenty on the go. Anyone have any bets you want to place on what happens next?

BUT all was not lost this weekend.  The Personal Trainer came through…we met last night for a drink and snacks.  Although saying he’s 5’11” there’s no way…we just look eye to eye but his eyes at least are lovely.  He was rather self-absorbed.  Talked mostly about himself and didn’t ask me anything about me or my life.  So not the most scintillating conversation but I was okay with that because he’s been patient and is a Dad to a child close in age to mine…seems to have his head screwed on straight. 

And OMG he has the most incredible body of anyone I think I’ve ever slept with. You know those really muscular guys who wear t-shirts and the band is just super tight because their biceps are so big?  That’s him.  I’m a sucker for strong arms so it was all over for me as soon as I saw his body.  I knew I would totally sleep with him unless he was a complete moron or racist or mean or a terrible kisser.  He was none of those things and was I glad.  Even better?  The sex was incredible.   Awesome bod, big you-know-what, great stamina, made me soak the sheets before he even really got started, and creative.  I have this vision of him in my shower that I can’t get out of my head.  Should have taken a photo. 

He did also say he had a great time and wanted to see me again.  We’ll see.  Although I can honestly say if it was just once, I’m still better for it.

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