Sexual Reawakening (Faraway Lover 1)

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  3. I’ve had a similar experience in a similar marital situation as yours. When you have been starved, and I mean STARVED – I thought I was going to start dry-humping things – that first meal is so so satisfying.

    • I was more like Ann I guess. It took a long time for me to open up like she did. I mean that the first few times I actually had someone in my bed, I didn’t even know that I could orgasm, so I had no idea on how to let go. Since then, things have changed slightly, but the first few months were very nice on the senses (and yes, I felt like humping things all the time) but not that satisfying. At least not AS satisfying as what came next, when I finally allowed myself to really let go…
      Sorry for the rambling, late, tired… horny too 😉

        • When I am less overtired-underslept (is that even a word? I’m sure you get what I mean) and for mostly bad reasons (read: I didn’t get to spend quality time in bed for a while…) 😉
          When I feel like what I’m saying may actually add something to the conversation rather than just being thoughts thrown onto a screen 🙂

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  6. I relate to this post. I was never unfaithful to my husband, but I know what it is to forget you are a woman. The last four years of my marriage were sexless. I started to think I was asexual: that I wasn’t into men or women. Now I realize that I like men very much, I just haven’t found anyone I feel worth sharing my body with.

    • I think it happens more than women talk about – sexless marriage and how we internalize what we think it means about us. I realized over time that it was all emotional… and emotional damage and stress killed my libido.

      My libido is non-existent right now as well, and I know it’s because I’m stressed about things. It’s interesting to see it objectively, because I couldn’t before.

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