How to be a complete ass to a woman online (part 2)

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So for some reason (perhaps it was because it was my first night alone in my new house, and I was feeling a bit lonely) I decided to talk to this guy.  He had a great sexy low voice for an asshole.  We have phone sex and instead of talking about what he would do to me (oh Ann, if I was there I would put my hand…) he refers to “women” or “them” and it kinda sucks for me.  But I’m pretty good with my vibrator on my own thank-you-very-much so I keep his voice in my ear and then he’s all excited.  After he cums he says – no word of a lie – “wow, baby, you are my favorite”.  The conversation goes something like this:

Him: Wow, baby, you are my favorite.

Me: Favorite for what? Phone Sex?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Are you interested in meeting in person?

Him: No.  I have two girls that I see on a regular basis so they keep me busy.  I’m a really busy and important guy and I’m not taking new sex applicants [paraphrasing here, sorry…but that was pretty much the message]

Me: So let me get this straight.  I am your favorite for phone sex but I’m your third choice because you already have two women on the go?

Him: Don’t think of it that way, baby.  You’re my favorite.

Me: Yeah, thanks for that, but I’m not interested in being anyone’s third choice.  Later.

So…this guy STILL has the audacity after all that to connect with me again to ask if he “could express himself to me”. I gave him feedback on the ineffectiveness of not refering to the actual woman you are talking to when having phone sex with her, and reiterated again that I’m not interested in being a third choice, period. Even after that he said “so can I call you”? Uh, nope.  And a week later he still called to basically ask the same question over the phone. Seriously. This is a serious ego in action.

Oh and yeah, he wouldn’t use his real name.  I get not giving your last name but really?  My first name is super common so I’m not that worried.  Best part? He used “Jay” which of course I thought was the short form for Jason.  Nope, he meant “J”.  And when I asked why he was using a “Men in Black” reference…he didn’t get it.  That should have been the sign.

4 thoughts on “How to be a complete ass to a woman online (part 2)

  1. I think you handled his convo in the first part pretty well – he made a somewhat compelling argument? Although I see a lot of the crap spewing out of his keyboard.

    The second part – that’s when sh*t truly starting flowing down hill! I think you handled him well.

    Its interesting, mean lose all courtesy and respect when online. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories!

    • I’ve always wondered if women act the same way. I’ve heard some behavior is similar but can’t imagine it’s as bad…

      I do think, and I wrote about it somewhere, that being anonymous really brings out the worst in people.

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