How to be a complete ass to a woman online (part 1)

So I decide after my first phone sex abandonment that I can’t be too upset and that it will take a while…it’s only been a couple of days and seriously, people are on these sites for a long time before they find what they are looking for.

One night I get an instant message from a guy who doesn’t have a public picture but shares his private photos and he’s cute.ย  No body shots but whatever.ย  We chat online for a while and seems like a good connection.ย  Then he breaks out the “how much do you weigh question”.

I went to look at our chat history and was going to give the highlights but honestly, I can’t make this stuff up…but in hindsight I wonder how it was possible my asshole radar didn’t go off and why I didn’t decide to not waste any more time on him. This is only part 1 of the story…

  • From: how much do you weigh?
  • To: i’m not telling you that. i’m 5”10. Here are my photos…you can judge. but i’m not about stats
  • From: hahaha – thanks for your pics. as for your question earlier, yes, I just have 2 questions for you. or maybe more
  • To: okay shoot
  • From: here is a statement – if I know that I can fully appreciate you & treat you the way you deserve to be treated, I can have you over whenever you are free
  • To: how do you assess if you can fully appreciate me?
  • From: it comes down to whether or not I would find myself attracted to you – each of us deserves to be with someone that really gets us going
  • To: absolutely – chemistry is key. bad sex is really bad…and i can’t have great sex without chemistry
  • From: and I know that if you arent my type – height, weight, etc, then I dont want to trouble you
  • To: okay so what are your questions?
  • From: back to the basics – the stat question again. sorry
  • To: seriously? you can’t know if you connect with me based on my weight. my husband of 15 years never knew what i weighed. how about this – i’m a size 12
  • From: unfortunately, that doesnt help me. but thanks for trying. I’m not suggesting that you are – or that you are skinny
  • To: and while you are cute and i’d certainly be interested in judging mutual chemistry over a drink, i’m not going to tell you how much i weigh because i find the question totally irrelevant. so if it matters, im
  • From: if it’s important enough for me to ask twice, then obviously you dont know how relevant it is to me – I dont dismiss your questions or thoughts . PS – the only girls that dont answer are either fat or lack confidence – both are unattractive
  • To: sorry but you are wrong… i am quite confident, i am highly attractive and sexy, not fat at all.
  • From: perhaps your attitude will change down the road – good luck on that journey finding a guy that isn’t so upfront and honest. seriously, fun chatting with you, no hard feelings
  • To: i do appreciate your honesty – that’s not a problem for me – and completely understand it’s important to you. But i could weigh 160 pounds and have huge tits, or a huge ass, or be a pear or an apple and you have no way to judge that based on weight alone
  • From: correct – nor with the photos you provided either. and I’m fine with 160…
  • To: so how is it not a double standard with your photos? Yes, i can’t tell what your body really looks like
  • From: because they are waist up? at least I think they are. well, since no girl has asked me for more – I guess that their standards are more face focused. But I’d gladly provide more, if that was what it took to get their interest
    To: fair enough
  • From: I’d feel horrible inviting someone over unless I thought that I’d want to devour them. so I risk offending them with my IM instead of in person. and by offending them, I mean, by not putting out
  • To: well yeah, of course… i wouldn’t go to someone’s place before i’d had a chance to meet them over a drink to see whether in person they are actually someone I’d lke to spend time with…i’m sure you understand that when average female height is 5’4”… being 5’10” …most men have not a clue what a normal weight is for that height
  • To: yes, I know – my last 2 girlfriends were 5’11.5” & 6’1”! that’s why i said i was sure you understood… I love taller women…. actually I love women of all heights
  • To: you don’t discriminate
  • From: correct, I appreciate
  • To: that’s noble
  • From: are you going to make me look up size 12 online?
  • To: i don’t think i can *make* you do anything
  • From: I bet you could make me do a few things, if I was a willing participant. to hell with it, just come over – I canโ€™t be bothered looking this up
  • To: it’s okay, it’s late… my typing is horrid, you’d never know i have a masters degree. i’m actually laughing out loud
  • From: do you want to hear my voice?
  • To: sure
  • From: come over then, I’ll whisper in your ear
  • To: ha. i am tucked in nice and warm in my bed in XXX
  • From: what is your number?

Part Two

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  1. What made him think you would just say okay I will be right over just because you gave in on not revealing your weight? Lol. I would have had to jerk around with him asking him a series of questions based in the premis of he as wet I come over and of course near the end of the series he would fail jerkism works two ways. And bye it would have been easier to read if you bolded to and from.

    • I meant based on the premise of ih he answers right I come over and of course near the end of the series he would fail… jerkism works two ways. And by the way it would have been easier to read if you bolded to and from.

      • I knew what you meant ๐Ÿ™‚

        My radar is now way more fine tuned for quickly figuring out what a guy’s deal is, just by how they engage online. Now at the time, I was predominantly looking for casual sex, but never with someone who was such a blantant prick.

    • Thank you, I fixed the whole post so it’s now in the right order and bulleted ๐Ÿ™‚

      I was still pretty naive at that point of being online, but now for sure I would totally have messed with him. I still thought the guy was a douchebag but gave him WAY too much of my time.

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