Heart rate increased, pupils dialated

So I’m at the end of my work day and just for a moment I log on to the dating site to see if my friend the Traveller is online.  He is.  I ask him if he’s finding what he’s looking for and he says “nope, where have you been”.  I ask if he’s still out-of-town and when he’s coming back and then he says: 

“Can we fuck Saturday night”

Instantly I am wet and my breathing has increased and I’m super excited.
Crazily I have Ariel staying over tonight and he’ll sleep over and be there in the morning.  Then I pick up my son from my Mom’s and drop him off at a birthday party.  So I only have the time when he’s at the birthday party to see the Traveller.  This makes me feel quite naughty to be leaving a birthday party for what is totally going to be a hook-up.  But I don’t really have time to ponder this emotional response right now because the blood has left my brain.
So I say I only have a couple of hours on Sat afternoon which I’m sure isn’t enough time.  His response:
“Well will you walk in my room and pull me out and suck on my cock before you say hi to me?”
I guess I know one of his fantasies now.
Hopefully it won’t fall through but who knows.  And yes, that would be two guys in one day and potentially four in four days.  But until I get a place to meet and a phone number I’m not holding my breath.  Although it’s hard not to…and I won’t believe he actually looks like his pictures until I meet him in person.
Have I mentioned yet that I am fully enjoying my post-Divorce life so far?  Not being bitter or angry or heartbroken or having my ego bruised…already having a child and a husband I think I’m on the good side of being single.  Instead of not having those things yet and wanting them but being single and 40.  I’m not looking for another child or a new husband or a Daddy figure for my son.  So I will just enjoy this insanity for as long as it still feels good.  Crazy?

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