Attached (Partner not included)

So I meet a guy on a dating site who seems nice and he’s clever and all good things.  We arrange to meet for coffee and when he shows up I notice his wedding ring.  The downside of juggling so many balls I guess is I lost track of the fact that he had told me he was married and I said I wasn’t interested unless he was smokin’ hot and then I might reconsider.  Oops.

What totally sucked though is we had a great, intelligent and energetic conversation.  There was no physical contact other than a kiss on the cheek so who knows, he could suck in bed.  But I was still disappointed that one of the better conversations was with someone I will absolutely not pursue.  Not because I’m judging…but because I don’t want to fall in love with someone who is married.  Been there, done that, have the Supercross T-Shirt and a damaged heart as a result.

Meeting him was a great ego boost, though, and here’s what he said that made it so:

  • I was beautiful and thank you for looking like my photos.
  • I sounded like superwoman with work, home, etc.
  • It was the most intelligent conversation he’d had with anyone he’d met
  • It was refreshing to meet someone confident, not damaged, who knows what they want and is independent

And he sent me the nicest email afterward that said “It was awesome meeting you today. I am smitten! I recognize why you would be apprehensive about having anything to do with me and my situation, but I hope we can have that drink sometime. You just let me know and I’ll be there like a fat kid on an M&M…Keep well and please keep in touch : )”


What do you think?