A gorgeous Saturday afternoon, nothing but my thoughts.

Of course that’s not true; I’m with a girlfriend, her parents, and our three collective children. We are, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. It’s been a night and day of sun, water, swimming, laughs, music, day drinking, and snacks.
I haven’t had any stories I’ve had the time to make a whole blog post but I thought I’d catch up on a few things (and people). 

Work has been super busy. Evenings after putting Liam to bed, weekend monitoring of emails, and the like. We are really close to a big deadline and while it’s not gone super smoothly, so far the problems are all manageable. I was brought in to save it and I really hope I prove to have done so.

I saw Jake this week, he came over late one night, we shared a bottle of wine and this time talked a lot more, and kissed a lot more, before I took him upstairs. He’s a good lover, that one. Each time it gets better. He has a way about him and a sensuality I quite appreciate, which brings out the best in me. 

Tony has been away for work for a few weeks which is just as well. We have seen each other just a couple of times since I found out about him deciding to move back. It’s been good to have enforced silence (even though he’s somewhat accessible, given his and my work load there has been a dramatic decrease in communication). He told me he wonders every day if he’s made a mistake. But I can’t get sucked into that misery, nor seduced by any lack of progress on his part. My focus has been elsewhere and that’s perfectly fine.

I hadn’t heard from Doug since last Friday night’s date – I uncharacteristically didn’t send a “thank you” text after I left the next morning. I didn’t block him because it doesn’t make a difference to me to do so. I find blocking extreme and unless someone is aggressively pursuing me despite my asking them to cease, there’s no reason to do so. So I did laugh when on Friday he sent me a “hey Ann have a great weekend” text to which I just said “thanks, same to you.” 

I have no intention of seeing him again. 

I haven’t heard from Lewis after he said thank you for me being the “hostess with the mostess” after our fivesome. I can’t help but think his unusual silence is because Vicky said something to him about me liking him. But as soon as I type that I think it sounds ridiculous and realize I have no idea why he’s been quiet. I haven’t reached out proactively yet. I might at some point but am trying to resist doing so. He generally comes back. 

I heard from Ian recently, out of the blue. I deleted our text message history (after saving it to my computer, naturally) so I couldn’t see his name in my message history reminding me I hadn’t heard from him – which of course was fine but I still don’t want the reminder. So he called me. Wanted to chat, which we did. Was bored at work in my city and I think was hankering for an invitation, which didn’t come. It’s funny to me how despite knowing I don’t particularly care to see him, it takes deliberate effort to not say by rote “oh you’re free? Why don’t you come over?”

But I held my tongue. 

I’ve been talking to someone I met via this blog who sends me the most lovely sentiments and texts. I find it so incredible when someone has read all of my innermost thoughts and knows about all of my adventures and not only likes me, but really likes me? Wow.

I’ve been on Bumble and OK Cupid infrequently and there’s not much to say other than nothing has changed on those sites. Very few men with potential and nothing, literally nobody worth really writing about yet. One guy has been fantastic via text; but he’s in the military so is away a lot, and is three inches shorter. I’d like to meet him given how great the conversations have been. I’m hoping to at least have a coffee and see what it’s like. Either way maybe I’ll write a bit about him (the good) and some of the others (the bad) I’ve experienced.

I’ve been in a shit ton of trouble with my ex husband over the last few weeks. He was apoplectic I put a picture on Instagram of me and Liam – who was in shadow. He got angry because I taped a conversation I had with Liam about his first hand holding experience. I just wanted to capture the moment and Will went off about how I was violating Liam’s trust. There’s been more, and it’s so unpleasant. It’s not about whether I’m wrong or not, it’s just how he is when he’s angry. Within 30 seconds I can feel all of the stress from my marriage again. Ugh. 

I have Liam more than usual the next couple of weeks. I have three nights kid-free then have him again for 11 days. I have a date set on Tuesday and I’m not going to talk about it until it happens. Because it might not and I don’t want to spend any more time than I might already thinking about it. 

Blogging in the Big Apple

I’m coming to the Big Apple in mid-July. Last time I missed a few of you and would hate for that to happen again.

A few trips ago I got some bloggers together. Some of us used our blog names and some revealed a little more. We drank a lot of wine and had a lot of laughs.

I think it would be fun to do it again. Who’s in? 

If you want to reply privately just use my contact me page. 



…and then there were five.

Alternate title: I think I hosted my first sex party.

I’ve been staring at this screen for a full five minutes. I’m not even sure where to start. The facts, I suppose.

Lewis and Clark were confirmed to come over. Lewis had asked me whether I’d be up for DP and I said sure as long as he was patient and worked me up to it. We had a plan.

He told me also wanted to invite a third man who had a “huge cock”. Continue reading

Doug the sailor is being set adrift

I don’t regret many of the men I’ve had sex with. Certainly not that many in the last three years; just one. Unfortunately I have to add Doug to the list, I’m afraid. It’s not a strong regret but simply – it was sex I could have done without.

Doug is being set adrift.

After our first date, I knew there wasn’t long-term potential. There were too many divergent interests, attitudes, and behaviors. But he was fun and I could see perhaps spending a few rowdy nights hanging out on his boat.  Continue reading

Dinner, wine, and quality time with Jake

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I originally titled this post “Friday night was slutty even for me”, but in the grand scheme of things having sex with two men in the span of 6 hours isn’t the most extreme thing I’ve done. Not by a long shot.

In my car on the way to my girlfriends I called a blogging friend for a first-time phone call; it was a delightful way to spend the drive back into the center of the city.

My friend and I had a couple of hours together – she’d just come back from an amazing trip and regaled me with the stories. We ever so briefly touched on my pre- and post-dinner plans. She’s been dating the same man since shortly after I met Tony, so she’s comfortable in her year-long relationship and thankfully her dating chaos days are behind her. At least for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Doug the sailor, his wine, and his shag carpet

I didn’t want to delay meeting Doug (the sailor) because continuing a text and phone relationship before meeting face to face? We all know what can happen.

I’m in a very busy period of work right now, we are in the midst of technical deployments and coming up to a big deadline, so a Friday afternoon which was quiet was a perfect time. I took a half day vacation day and decided to meet Doug at the west end of our city where he docks his boat.

I had it all planned. Leave before my city’s notorious traffic kicked in, spend a couple hours with Doug, drive back into the Center of the city for dinner with a girlfriend at her place, then go home to meet Jake. Continue reading

i've filled my online dating dance card

My dance card is full again

Clark wanted to get together on Sunday but I said no. Not for lack of physical desire (sex just stokes the internal fires), but I’d had my emotional fill of cock that week. He has been pursuing me, asking when we will see each other. He is single and keen for “good pussy” (Lewis’s words).

I’m seeing him on Monday along with Lewis. Maybe with a bonus (third!) dude and the woman from before. I’d be happy to have all three men at my own disposal but perhaps that makes me greedy. Fuck it, I don’t care.

I am seeing Jake on Friday. When in my latest “screw it I’m filling all my time with girlfriends” phase I booked time to see a close friend for dinner. Jake will come over afterwards in what I’m sure will be a repeat of our last date. I’m okay with that; we’ve discussed setting another date with more time together. Continue reading

juggling multiple sexual partners

I had sex with 4 different men in 5 days

Monday was Ian.

Wednesday was Tony.

Thursday was Lewis.

Friday was Jake.

Four men in five days. I turned down Clark although he’d asked to see me on the weekend since he missed out on Thursday. How did I feel about it? Mostly powerful. Definitely slutty. Continue reading

a squirting second date

A two-year wait for date #2

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Jake’s profile had appealed to me for a few reasons. It was well written and honest and had intellectual depth. He was tall and bulky and while not conventionally attractive I liked his look. Obviously, I liked that he’d followed up with me each time I came back online.

He asked me when I wanted him to come over with a bottle of wine. I told him I didn’t lead with sex anymore and perhaps we could go out for dinner. He was good with either but reminded me we’d already had sex and he knew we were both sexual people.

At some level I believed it wouldn’t make a difference with him. From the beginning, I think he was more like Jason and Andrew, where even if you have sex with them early they still see you as relationship material.

Continue reading

i fucked a lot of guys this week

My busy week | Thurs Lewis & Fri Jake

Monday | Tuesday & Wednesday

Thursday was Lewis’s. The week prior we went to a formal event together (which was awesome) and he came over to my place afterwards to let off the sexual tension building all night. Before he left, we agreed to meet this past Thursday. He also promised to take me dancing at some point this summer and I hope that can happen. I would love to be on a darkened dance floor with him.

Thursday was just going to be the two of us, but at some point during the day when my phone pinged with a new text message I looked down to see: “Clark said he’s free too…”

Gulp. Continue reading